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I want long hair

Long curls are only possible with proper hair care: this is the lion's share of success, but not all. Genetics also plays an important role: if the problems with the strands are hereditary, then it is virtually impossible to eliminate them. Also, you should always remember about nutrition: to save on food-to harm yourself.

Secrets of long hair.

The beauty and health of the hair depends on us: sometimes the girls themselves "kill" their natural wealth. Ivanna Farysei offers a few simple recommendations that will help you grow the curls of your dreams.

1. Regular haircut.

Very many girls neglect such a simple rule: it seems to them that rare haircuts allow to grow as long hair as possible. But this is not so: split ends and "dead" ends should be regularly cut, they not only spoil the appearance, but also interfere with the normal growth of healthy hairs.

2. Constant care of the tips.

Apart from the fact that the tips need a regular haircut, they also need to provide nutrition and hydration to keep them healthy and beautiful, as well as allowing the hairs to grow normally.

3. The rejection of strict diet.

Too strict dietary restrictions adversely affect the health of strands: lack of vitamins and minerals slows growth, promotes strong loss. The hairs become brittle and dull. The transition to proper nutrition and sport will bring much more benefit to the body and weight, it is a great alternative to diet.

4. Wrong care.

Pick the right tools-a little, they also need to be used regularly. After washing the hair, it is recommended to use the conditioner-it will facilitate combing and make the tips well-groomed. It is recommended to make a nourishing mask at least once a week. Regular procedures (such as Botox) will eliminate the lack of vitamins.

5. Neglect.

Our strands are also in need of caring and respect. In the cold, wear a hat, during installation, use thermal protection, react to problems in time – such simple measures will allow to achieve elegant results.

6. Incorrectly collected hair.

There are many ways to protect the curls collected in bundles, tails, braids. It is best in this case save Reznik, do not leave creases. It takes care of the hairs, does not make them brittle.

7. Wrong combing.

Remember that you need to carefully comb dry hair – wet damaged. To begin to untangle hairs need from ends to roots, and to comb gently need.

A good solution to the problem will be hair extension-this procedure allows you to quickly get the optimal length and density of curls.

Services of Ivanna Farysei.

Master Ivanna Farysei embodies the dream of every client. If you want long hair, be sure to contact her – she will find the most gentle and safe way to solve any problem!

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