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Hair turned into a washcloth-what

Maintain the beauty of hairstyles help professional advice on hair care: there are many factors leading to a deterioration of the situation. Pay attention to the condition of their curls: sometimes they may indicate health problems that need to be addressed.

Causes of loss of healthy hair.

Healthy hair is one of the signs that a girl is completely healthy. Brittle hair parched ends that are still poorly combed people are called "loofah." In this sense: hard and sticking out in all directions, the hairs cannot be called otherwise. So what are the causes of the problem?

1. Food.

Food must be balanced: remember that hard diets are the enemies of beautiful curls. Do not be afraid to eat fatty fish or nuts – they cause an insignificant blow to the figure, but the benefits to the body are undeniable. But it is better to limit sweets, soda with sugar – to exclude. Not be amiss and completely abandon bad habits.

Do not be amiss and do Botox procedure: it will provide nutrition to the hairs.

2. Frequent staining.

This item becomes one of the most common causes of ugly hairstyles. Constant discoloration and staining adversely affect the condition of the curls: the composition of the paints can hardly be called at least good. Most often affects girls conducting the dyeing at home: they do not adhere to the wrong technology and applied composition.

It is also recommended to avoid sharp transitions from dark to blonde: it really "kills" strands. You want something new-it is better to be limited to stylish highlighting. Ivanna Farysei will carry out the procedure of staining and highlighting for you.

3. Love for hot styling.

Many girls know about it, but still continue to use Curling irons and irons. Of course, you always want to look beautiful, but then you should always use thermal protection: it will negate the influence of high temperatures on the structure of the hairs.

Perming is often becomes the cause of the untidy appearance of the hair. If you decide on such a step, then contact a proven master.

4. Health problem.

If all the previous paragraphs in your case is not suitable, it is best to pass. Healthy well-groomed hair can be returned only after the treatment of internal problems. It is recommended to visit an endocrinologist and a trichologist – they will prescribe a course.

Stylist Tips.

To hair was beautiful and healthy, Ivanna Farysei recommends to adhere to several important principles.

  • 1. Less washing your hair. Every three days-the best indicator, in between you can use dry shampoo.
  • 2. Change the comb. The model of natural wood will take care of damaged hairs.
  • 3. Regularly make homemade mask: this will be useful only homemade ingredients.
  • 4. You can make a professional treatments – keratin recovery and lamination.
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