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Long blonde hair

If you want to become a real Goldilocks, it is worth remembering the simple rules of care for blond hair. There is nothing complicated and inaccessible in terms of Finance, but the result is definitely you will like. The most important principle – regularity: only constancy will allow to achieve smart results.

Blonde hair Care: important points.

According to professional trichologists and stylists, most often it is necessary to treat the hair blonde. This is due to the natural predisposition and lack of proper care. The second factor will help to cope with the recommendations of Ivanna Farysei. If necessary, you can go through her course of procedures: Botox, keratin recovery will achieve excellent results.

1. Regular grooming tips.

To grow long healthy beautiful hair, you need to cut the tips from time to time. Many girls in pursuit of a luxurious length of sacrificing the health of the curls in the end, the ends are like the troubled washcloth and hairs grow almost. Fanatically no need to fuss over long strands of haircut if they improve on it must be addressed.

It is also necessary to regularly moisten the ends of the strands along the entire length: they are longer you will have to maintain an impeccable appearance. For this fit as a special shop tools and oil mask at home.

2. Maintaining a beautiful shade.

After lightening, the blonde can be covered with yellowness, and this applies to hair of any length. The solution to the problem may be toning, it will often have to turn to professional stylists and look for a suitable tool. In addition, frequent manipulation can lead to drying hairs.

A good alternative would be shampoos with the possibility of color correction. Long blonde hair is fashionable, so caring for them will help you stay in trend.

3. Use of thermal protection.

If you like hot styling, irons and Curling irons, the curls will eventually lose their health. Help to keep a great look special tools-thermal protection. If you do not use it, then over time the hairs will become weak, begin to fall out, will be dull. All this leads to the fact that you have to prefer short haircuts: long strands simply will not receive enough power and will break from its own volume.

4. Lightening: is it often fashionable to do.

Do not lighten your hair too often: it has a negative impact on their condition. It is better to pay vnimaniya other staining technique: Ombre, Balaj, brondirovanie.

Services of Ivanna Farysei.

Health and hair strengthening-one of the main activities of the master Ivanna Farysei. If you have long dreamed of beautiful and long curls, be sure to come to her – she provides many services in London. The result will please you:

  • strands will be healthy and strong;
  • accelerate the natural process of hair growth;
  • the scalp will be improved, disappears itching, hair loss, redness.
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