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Nude hair color

If you are thinking about what color to dye your hair, the Nude will be a great option! It is neutral, but at the same time stylish shade which gives to all image of ease. You can experiment with it in any interesting way. But still, girls should not forget that nude is universal only in make-up: as a hair color, it may not be suitable at all.

Beautiful shades of hair color: subtle Nude.

Nyud is considered to be one of the most beautiful shades of hair color. Many people think that it is quite simple and devoid of zest, but it is not. In fact, nude has no sharp cold or warm undertones, but it looks fresh and original. The most common examples are beige, cream and light brown tones.

To find an interesting shade for yourself, try to buy a paint that has 0 after the main tone digit: for example, 8.0. But who will suit such non-standard shades? Despite all their versatility and proximity to the classics, we can not say that every woman will be irresistible with this color.

1. Very well muted Nude looks with perfectly smooth skin and bright eyes. If you are snow white with blue or green eyes, you can try stylish coloring.

2. Nude is a completely neutral tone. It should not be warm or cold halftones. Ombre and highlights should be carried out as carefully as possible.

3. Rich color palette. Clients can choose from cream, beige, ginger, light caramel, pearl dark brown, ash, pinkish-beige.

Staining technique should be carried out in such a way as to prevent the formation of an ugly yellow hue. Best muffled Nude falls on the nature of blonde hair, grown roots will not spoil the overall picture. In all other cases, the girls will have to pre-lighten regularly paint over the roots.

How to care for Nude hair color.

Nude is an attractive femininity that attracts so many men. The very procedure of coloring requires the master of care and responsibility: you need to choose a shade that will look as natural as possible. There should not be too pronounced warm and cold undertones – then the result will be hopelessly spoiled.

Previously, you can make a build-up-on long strands of the effect will be even better. How to take care of by Nude color?

1. Prevent the appearance of yellowness. To fix the problem is quite suitable shade shampoo-it will quickly cope with the task. But the effect is still temporary, do not forget about regular use.

2. Use masks, balms and shampoos for colored hair – they do not wash out the pigment.

3. Try to minimize the work with hair dryers, irons and Curling irons.

Master Ivanna Farysei offers her help in the process of hair coloring in stylish Nude tones. The best prices in London and love for clients give a great result!

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