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As you can see, the name speaks for itself! In 1991 in Italy for the first time appeared a wonderful way of extensions donor strands. Nowadays there are many ways in which it is possible to do hair extensions. But from experience I can say, that it is the Italian method of hair extensions – capsular extension on the keratin microcapsules, hot technology - the most comfortable and popular in the whole world.

The fact that a small capsule might spread evenly over the entire head and even temporal zone, and not doing stress on the root of the hair. It also provides the opportunity to hide the transition from native to extended hair strands.

It is very important, is controlled by the size of the capsules.

Standard hair extensions – all capsules of the same size.

Combined hair extensions – the top row, temporal zones and edge zones of microcapsules are used, all others are standard.

Micro hair extensions – all the micro capsules (often more suitable for clients with thin hair structure).

Hair extensions attached with keratin with the help of hot tongs which temperature 180 -200 C. This temperature melts the keratin mixing the donor strand with the client,s hair, at this moment I have the opportunity to form a capsule, which after curing becomes a solid mount between the extended strand and the base.

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