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Fashion trends 2019

Healthy and beautiful hair is the dream of many girls. With them you can create many unique hairstyles that will always look stylish and winning. Straight hair parting, back in fashion trends after a short oblivion, allows you to refresh the image and make it feminine.

Beautiful hair with direct selection: who is suitable.

Women's hairstyles and hair styling with a straight parting is an eternal classic that can always be played in a new way. But it is worth remembering that there is such a stylish solution is not all. So, for whom will this style be a win-win?

1. Girls with an oval face. A perfect oval is a universal form, which can be very quickly and easily pick up the best hair style.

2. For those who have facial features that are small, but well-defined cheekbones.

3. Owners of a miniature nose and a neat jaw.

Straight parting hair is well suited for chubby girls: this simple trick will make the face more elongated visually, as well as a little sharpen plump cheeks. Laying with a middle part is particularly advantageous to look with a medium hair length or with long curls.

Complement the image can be voluminous large curls-a good choice for a romantic walk. If necessary, you can make extensions to experiment with hairstyles was somewhat easier.

Remember that parted in the middle immediately draws attention to the regrown roots. Do not forget to tint them regularly, so as not to make your hair too careless. And such negligence is not in fashion.

Who should give up installing parted down the middle.

Of course, many are interested in what hairstyles for women in fashion. And even if the straight parting is not yours, do not worry! Stylists offer many beautiful options that will emphasize the natural beauty.

Who better to refuse a direct parting?

1. Owners of a narrow and thin face. In this case, the features will become even more elongated, sharp.

2. Girls with triangular face shape. Here a case identical: pointed chin will become more acute.

3. The owners of fine and thin natural hair. In this case, a straight parting will slightly resemble a bald spot.

4. If you have strong industry roots, focus on them with a straight parting is not necessary.

Absolutely "green light" girls with thick and healthy hair-they have a straight parting will look gorgeous! Do not forget that regular care and salon treatments will achieve great results. This hairstyle is as simple as possible, but it looks very impressive in any situation.

A short haircut will also allow you to make a straight parting. You can also combine it with your favorite bangs, which is also back in fashion. You can also use styling products to fix the result, but observe the measure.

Master Ivanna Farysei allow you to accurately determine the optimal style for each girl. Don't be shy of your beauty!

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