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Partial highlights

Classical highlighting today has somewhat outlived its usefulness. But fashion trends still continue to be inspired by partially clarified strands. For example, partial highlights-an absolute trend that caused a furor among the girls. This is a great opportunity to refresh your image, make it less strict.

Partial highlights: its subtleties.

Partial highlights-the best option for those who have long wanted to diversify their style. Its main idea is the need to lighten several separate strands, which allows you to make an original hairstyle. And the curls can be painted in natural shades, and in brighter.

This procedure is somewhat different from the standard highlights, which many risked even at home. To carry out this original painting is necessary in the passenger compartment, so that the result was in line with expectations and not turned into a complete disappointment.

The technique involves the use of different shades, so that the hairstyle can play the most unusual colors.

1. Lightened strands can be toned if necessary. You can choose a shade from any color scheme that the client likes: thanks to this subtlety, the styling will play the most noble tones.

2. Pastel or bright colors in the trend today-if you want to diversify your hair in this range, you should definitely try it!

3. You can combine any style: professional masters only welcome such a non-standard approach. You can choose both harmonious and contrasting colors with which the image will look gorgeous.

Looks good such highlights even on curly hair: lightening several strands allows you to achieve beautiful effects. Easy clarification of individual strands or their underlining in a different color allows you to add texture styling.

Partial highlights for any hairstyle.

Highlights fashionable to apply to long or even short hair. Ways, each artist chooses their own, and the selection of colors is only possible with the participation of the clients. Short curls look much fresher and consumers if they are partially highlights. You can use as one shade or more.

If necessary, you can first make hair extensions, and then only carry out coloring and lightening of individual strands. The result will be even more beautiful!

What you need to remember about highlighting?

1. It helps to frame the face: it can be done safely, if the client has a neat shape.

2. You can use both natural tones and shades with cold and warm undertones.

3. Care for highlights curls should be about the same as for fully colored: with special shampoos, balms, masks, oils.

Ivanna Farysei can easily update your way: wizard painting any colors.

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