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Hairstyles for dates

Every girl knows that a beautiful hairstyling is a secret weapon that no young man can resist. Going on a date, I want to give your image femininity, maddening ease. In this case, everything should be perfect: styling, makeup, and clothing.

Trendy hairstyles for romantic dates.

A romantic date is always a great reason to look irresistible. You can pay attention to both the eternal classics and modern fashion options. Any result can be fixed by qualitative means: the main thing is not to overdo it. Laying should not be too pretentious and fancy, because a meeting with a guy – it's a little not suitable for such experiments case.

Fashionable hairstyles for dates at the same time and as simple as possible.

№1 Waves.

Beautiful big waves-a timeless classic hairstyles for dates. It allows you to create a romantic image, and in combination with a sophisticated dress and does create a unique effect. To complement this women's hairstyle and hair styling can be barely noticeable hair clips and other elegant accessories.

Well combined curls and free jeans, and with a daring leather jacket – a lot of options!

№2 Retro-style.

If you need to choose which hairstyles for dates are suitable for short hair and medium-length strands, the retro style will suit the best. This is a classic Hollywood wave, which was at the peak of popularity in the 30s of the twentieth century. If you prefer a hot perm, be sure to put on the curls thermal protection . This is a simple measure to avoid serious damage.

№3 Tail hair.

Hair tail many wrongly think of the boring everyday hair. It can be transformed into a spectacular styling that deserves a well-deserved look. There are many options:

  • high ponytail with full smoothness of the hair;
  • free low option is also very popular today;
  • strands with curled ends, collected at the back of the head.

Variations of tails very much! The most important thing – regular hair care, so they were healthy and shiny. In this case, any styling will look extremely advantageous.

№4 Bundles.

Original hairstyles for a date do not always involve flowing loose hair. A slightly sloppy bun is a great stylish alternative. Suitable even for hair after extension: small capsules will remain invisible. This cute styling allows you to focus on facial features and a beautiful neck.

№5 Braid weave.

Laying before a date does not mean the wave is perfectly straight or loose curls. You can pay attention to the beautiful weave: for example, a French braid with carelessly knocking out strands – the hit of the season. This hairstyle will decorate both the dress and jeans with a fashionable sweater.

Stylish hairstyles for a date.

Master Ivanna Farysei knows how important it is to charm your man on any date in a row. If you need a hair extension, styling, full hairstyle or any other procedure – be sure to contact her!

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