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A must-have for the care

Girls know that hair care on the advice of professionals-it's always a ritual with several means. That's right! It is better not to skimp on the cosmetic Arsenal for curls, so they are pleased with their impeccable appearance constantly. Oil for split ends is an essential component that you want to use regularly.

Healthy looking hair from root to tip.

Many girls are fighting for a healthy hair: it is quite difficult and painstaking work that requires patience. An indispensable tool is the oil for the tips. Roots always get much more nutrients, while the tips quickly become dry and brittle.

If you notice that the tips too quickly after the haircut begin to split, that is a qualitative solution to the problem. Well-chosen oil will return the hairstyle perfect appearance. Apply it regularly as washed and dry strands. What is its benefit?

1. Fight against dryness. Healthy well-groomed hair is always well hydrated from the roots to the tips. Only oil helps to cope with dryness at the ends.

2. Nutrition of thinned hairs. The tips receive a small amount of nutrients, unlike the roots, and therefore need additional care.

3. Giving laying a beautiful Shine and radiance. Just a few drops applied to help make the hair shiny and luxurious.

4. Smoothing hair. Many girls are faced with the fact that the ends become so disobedient that they can not be laid. Special oils come to the rescue: they smooth out the structure.

5. Growth stimulation. With regular use of hair grow healthy and elastic.

But still, you should not expect fantastic results. If the section has already begun and has acquired a serious scale, the only way out will be only a haircut. It is always better to sacrifice the spoiled tips to get a neat hairstyle.

Dry tips-mirror of General hair care.

Health and hair strengthening is possible only with a serious and responsible approach. It is necessary not only to use high-quality cosmetics, but also to reconsider your lifestyle. If the tips become dry too quickly and begin to split, this may signal improper care. What should be done in this case?

1. Change your lifestyle. Always get enough sleep, give up bad habits, eat a minimum of sweet, fatty, flour, fried. Add fruits and vegetables to your diet, take vitamins.

2. Constant stress also has a very negative impact on the condition of curls as a whole.

3. Start combing your hair properly: wait for them to dry completely, gradually direct the comb from the tips to the roots.

4. During hot styling do not forget about thermal protection: otherwise the strands can be very dry.

Ivanna Farysei recommends regular use of oil for the ends – its benefits are undeniable!

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