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Beautiful highlights

Experimenting with hair is something that is loved by many girls and streaking – this is a timeless classic. Small light strands on the General background of curls look natural and neat, they refresh the hair and the whole look. It is also very fashionable: many Hollywood beauties today do a similar procedure.

Highlights for blonde hair: the main subtlety.

Hair highlighting is familiar to our fashionistas for many years. Light or dark strands will help blondes to reveal the beauty and richness of their hair color. Procedures of this type do not involve radical changes in appearance: the main shade remains unchanged, it appears only new undertones.

Many Goldilocks complained that the natural blonde is a complete lack of volume and too rare to look styling. Fine highlights using contrasting tones-that's the perfect way out of their position! Why is this staining worthy of the attention of our beauties?

1. Careful technique. Only some strands are lightened, not all. Thanks to such a soft effect, it is possible to achieve healthy curls that will not be much split and look like straw.

2. Selection of beautiful shades of hair color. Radically repaint from blonde to brunette-a decision that, though beckoning, but not suitable for everyone. To diversify the hairstyle and give it the volume and the necessary originality, you can repaint a few strands in light brown, ash or dark brown shades.

3. The ability to refresh the image. Highlights not only add depth to your native hair color, but also visually adds volume.

To carry out the procedure on their own is unlikely to work: still, this requires professional skills. Moreover, only one method of staining of this type, there are several types:

  • french highlights;
  • reverse highlighting;
  • california highlights;
  • armor.

In addition, highlighting "increased" and popular today Balayazh and Ombre. The choice of girls is very large!

Highlights blonde hair of different lengths.

Lightness is the word that best describes the image of blondes. Light shade of hair, beautiful blue eyes look just gorgeous! To add more flavor to your image, you can do a partial coloring strands. Ivanna Farysei recommends this service to all those who would like to refresh their image without radical measures.

1. Highlights on short hair.

The result looks truly gorgeous! Turns out voluminous hair, the strands seem thicker, the image acquires the desired femininity. Diversify your everyday bow will be beautiful styling.

2. Long hair coloring.

Before highlighting, many clients make extensions. In this procedure, Ivanna Farysei a true professional! Then several strands are lightened, which allows you to make the image younger and more playful.

In London, such procedures are inexpensive. Treat yourself and You!

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