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Decapitation of hair

In pursuit of beautiful hair girls can often make a mistake with a shade when coloring. What to do if the wrong tone is already applied, but it does not meet expectations? The answer is simple-go to the decapitation procedure. This simple solution allows to get rid of the tones fast enough.

Hair Decapitation: subtleties of the procedure.

Tips from hair care professionals suggest the use of funds for decapitation, if the shade does not suit. Resistant paint will have a few months to wash off shampoos, while not always they can be completely removed. Permanent staining and does not wash off the usual means to care for curls.

In the above cases, you need to do the procedure of decapitation-in the common people it is also called "flushing". When should I turn to the master to wash off the ugly pigment?

1. When permanent staining had time to get fed up and again want something new.

2. I want to return to the natural color: with the possibility of reliable washing staining can quickly get its natural shade without additional effort.

3. I want to try a new shade. To prevent the appearance of extraneous undertones, the old color must be washed off.

4. If there are differences in tone between the roots and tips, decapitation will help to correct this deficiency.

5. Such compositions make it possible to lighten the hair, which was previously painted in a dark color.

We want to draw Your attention to the fact that decapitation is not suitable for washing off natural dyes – Basma or henna. Such timely procedures will maintain a healthy hair appearance, as well as to return a noble shade without unnecessary conditions.

Advantages and disadvantages of the procedure.

Master Ivanna Farysei recommends the decapitation procedure in the event that Your case fits one of the above. To ensure the health and strengthening of the hair, it is necessary after the pigment has washed off, pick up the restoring masks and balms.

The advantage of decapitation is one, but quite weighty – the ability to quickly and effectively get rid of the ugly color of curls, to return a natural shade. At the same time, the composition is able to cope even with the most resistant paints.

But there are a few drawbacks:

  • in some cases, the procedure may need to be done several times;
  • the chemical severely damages the strands, making them brittle and too dry.

After decapitation, you must follow these rules:

We want to emphasize that the procedure is contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women. Also, it should be abandoned in the event that the hair is too damaged or there is an Allergy to the components.

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