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Proper diet for beautiful hair

If you notice that the curls are not as beautiful as before, it makes sense to pay attention to the diet for hair growth. Its principles are as simple as possible, but the result exceeds all expectations. We also want to focus on the fact that with good nutrition there is not only a healthy hair Shine.

A quality diet is the key to overall physical health. Many girls who decide on proper nutrition for the sake of experiment, then turn it into their way of life. Try it Yourself!

Some basic principles.

Long healthy hair is the dream of almost all girls. It can be done even without tedious trips to the stylist. All you need to do is just review your diet! We will tell you a few important points.

1. It is best to use products with a high content of magnesium, zinc and iron – they have a good effect on the condition of the hair as a whole.

2. With the right choice of diet, you can do without special vitamins. But the reception of dietary supplements is better to coordinate with the doctor. Absolute taboo-taking drugs that promise to make curls thick in a few days. It's just a waste of money on products from charlatans.

3. From Smoking and drinking alcohol is better to give up-they have a negative impact on health in General and hair in particular.

4. Always get enough sleep and react less emotionally to life situations: stress is also contraindicated.

And if you still want to get a perfect hairstyle in a few minutes – we recommend that you do the hair extensions. Careful attitude of the master and individual approach to each client will achieve excellent results. The technique of building is selected in such a way as not to harm the native hairs.

Diet for hair growth: 10 essential products.

To curls become healthy, beautiful and shiny it is recommended to regularly use such products.

1. Oily fish. Salmon, trout-a storehouse of omega-3 fatty acids, which are so necessary for the scalp. But such fish is expensive, you can replace it with the same useful mackerel.

2. Greens and green vegetables. Green beans, broccoli, spinach contain large amounts of vitamins a, C and C. They are necessary to maintain healthy scalp.

3. You can not do without dietary poultry meat-chicken or Turkey.

4. Beans (beans, lentils) also help to grow the curls of your dreams.

5. Moderate consumption of nuts (be careful – they are very high in calories) prevents hair loss.

6. Grain crop. For example, whole grain bread has a high content of vitamins and fiber, which is very useful for the body as a whole.

7. Eggs! This is a storehouse of b vitamins that provide health strands and scalp in General.

8. Dairy produce. Cottage cheese, kefir and natural yogurts must be included in Your diet.

9. Seafood. Mussels, oysters, squid and other seafood have a very positive effect on the curls.

10. Carrot. Source of vitamin a necessary to maintain the strands in good condition.

Ivanna Farysei recommends her clients to build their diet correctly. The result will pleasantly surprise you!

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