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Suitable for black hair color

Many girls with the arrival of spring begin to think about what color to paint your hair, what to update your image. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind - the classic rich tones. For example, black, brown, red, light brown are the most basic shades that look natural and stylish. We will tell you about the black color - such a fatal and fashionable.

Black hair: who will it fit.

Long straight black hair is a trend for several seasons. However, not everyone can dare to such an experiment. And this is quite reasonable: a darker shade rather capricious and is not for everyone. This natural color is not often found among women of Slavic type, but no one forbade to experiment!

Despite the fact that now in Vogue various lightening and unusual methods of staining, rich black color does not lose its relevance. Black hair is always elegant, fresh and original. This hairstyle looks quite full and without different styling.

Such a natural shade in our area-a rarity. But you can always paint in such a practical color. It should immediately say that the black coloring-it's not just a boring coal option. You can also pay attention to the base dark tint with tides. For example, very advantageous look options with brown or silver-blue tints. Tone play mostly in bright light, making a stylish painting even more original.

Before applying the pigment, you can make an additional build-up. Ivanna Farysei only works with quality cuts, finds the approach to each client.

Who will go black?

1. Those who got this shade directly from nature. By colouring it is possible to make not so simply, to add interesting tons.

2. Those who are set to take care of the curls. We pay attention to the Golden-haired women who decided on a fatal image: light roots will need to be tinted necessarily not to look untidy.

If you are not ready to radically change your image, it is possible to do the build-up of black strands. They will look very impressive, will make the hair much more original.

To whom black hair does not go.

Fashion trends hairstyles and haircuts insist that natural shades of hair are valued very highly. But black is a rather capricious color, so before painting you should carefully try on the image of a fatal brunette.

1. From coloring in black it is better to refuse to those who are light by nature (owners of blonde, light brown and light brown hair). The color type in this case will be greatly disturbed.

2. Those who have naturally thin hair. So laid, that the dark hair its structure is denser than light. Coloring in a dark shade can look quite untidy.

Ivanna Farysei recommends to turn into a brunette not immediately, but gradually-for example, to start with the build-up of dark curls. If the color looks harmonious, feel free to continue the experiment!

Master Ivanna in London will help You to achieve the desired result!

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