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Photo How to straighten hair

Many girls dream of beautiful long straight hair: this hairstyle is universal, suitable for all occasions. But how to achieve perfect smoothness, if by nature curls curl or poorly amenable to styling? Ivanna Farysei will tell you several ways to make your dream hairstyle.

Self-straightening Technique.

If you need to get not too long effect, but the technique of self-straightening is the best. All you need is a good iron, thermal protection, nail for fixing and hair oil (so they will Shine beautifully and look healthy). The whole procedure is quite simple and takes a minimum of time.

If the length is not satisfied, can make hair extension – the wizard will make the strands such that will only please. Straightening iron does not require special skills.

1. From the very beginning you need to apply thermal protection.

The effect of high temperature on the hair leads to very poor results. That is why before hot laying so necessary thermal protection. A win-win option – mousse with this function. So you can not only protect the curls, but also to create an irresistible hairstyle.

2. Separate all strands.

Hair, divided into several sections, straighten much easier, the result is good. It is necessary to ensure that the separated strands were not too dense – otherwise you have to start over.

3. Begin to straighten.

Tips professionals hair care converge that before processing hot plates curls first "pull" comb with frequent teeth. Thanks to this, the hairs will be smooth. Now you can start to spend Ironing the hair, doing the same with other strands.

4. Do not forget about the tips and unruly hairs.

Perfect smoothness can be achieved through the use of hair oil. Special attention should be paid to the tips – so they will look healthy and shiny. Apply the composition can be on naughty curls, where the iron could not achieve smoothness.

After You have finished the independent procedure, it is necessary to fix the result with hairspray. Thanks to him, the result will be maintained throughout the day.

Professional hair straightening.

Master Ivanna Farysei offers her clients to pay attention to professional hair straightening. The effect will be maintained for several months, and the keratin procedure allows you to also improve the hair from the roots to the tips. Among its advantages are:

  • perfect smooth hair regardless of weather conditions;
  • the effect lasts an average of about 3 months, then you can update your hairstyle;
  • gives not just smooth hair, which is now very fashionable, but also allows you to improve the curls along the entire length;
  • eliminates frizz;
  • protects against the negative effects of the environment.

Master Ivanna Farysei invites beauties to such a useful procedure. The cost is one of the most pleasant in London.

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