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Photo Is light chemistry harmful

For those who have long dreamed of wavy curls, you can offer a light hair chemistry – a fairly gentle procedure. It compares favorably with the usual Perm with small curls, which turns even a luxurious MOP into dry straw. What are the fundamental differences between the new technology and the classic one?

Effect of light chemistry on hair.

Light large chemistry is suitable for those girls who like large waves, but would not like to use curlers every day. The procedure itself is really almost no harm to the curls: they remain the same healthy and soft to look at. During the work, the master uses curlers or bobbins, and then the result is fixed with a soft chemical composition.

Large waves look gorgeous on long hair (but only if they are not too thick). The effect will last about 3 months, then the curls will unwind by themselves. If you wish, the procedure can be repeated. As with any chemistry, light yet slightly dries strands and makes them porous, so it is recommended to use nourishing shampoos, balms, masks and oils.

Despite the fact that the technique of Curling is quite gentle, there are some contraindications.

1. If You have dandruff, make "chemistry" is not worth it – better to get rid of the problem.

2. If the strands are severely injured after discoloration or many stains, it is better to abandon the procedure for a while.

3. Do not turn to light curls pregnant and lactating mothers.

Very beautiful effect is obtained on hairstyles of medium length: waves are revealed in all its glory, look so feminine and refined. You can try to experiment with short hair: the result will be romantic and soft.

Benefits of light chemistry and a wealth of hairstyles.

Please note that after Curling hair may be slightly shorter. So, the hair to the shoulders may be a little higher, so that the effect will be so perky and youthful. When a chemical wave it is possible to refuse installation, but you can still make some original hairstyles.

For example, the famous Hollywood wave will look even more harmonious. You can try a little careless medieval weaving, create the effect of wet hair, as well as a little careless styling in the style of "surfer's girlfriend".

Space for imagination is very large! You can both experiment and enjoy a romantic way with large waves.

Master Ivanna Farysei recommends to try light chemistry to all those who have long dreamed of voluminous curls, but would not like to spoil the structure of the hair. The procedure has several important advantages:

  • good hair volume without the use of special means;
  • chemistry slightly dries the hair roots, so that the hair looks fresh and neat much longer;
  • light large waves allow you to visually adjust the oval of the face.

Treat yourself to such a great procedure!

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