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Photo How to care for hair extensions

On vacation you want to Shine, this will always help beautiful hair extensions: the image will be feminine and airy. Girls know that it's time for a beach holiday under the aggressive sun becomes a real blow for both natural and artificial strands. We offer to pay attention to practical advice from professionals. And as a bonus – a few ideas of original hairstyles for the beach.

Tips from hair care professionals in the summer.

Hair care is a responsible business, which becomes even more acute in the summer. Aggressive sun and salt water adversely affect the structure of the hairs: then they have a long time to restore. To curls were in normal condition, even in hot weather, will be useful tips for hair care professionals.

1. Give up complicated hairstyles.

During the rest, make the rule "I rest – rest the hair." Going to the beach, do not build something too pretentious: the use of studs and styling products can play a cruel joke. Imagine how hard it will be to pull the pins out of the tangled curls. Damage secured!

2. Protection from UV rays.

Healthy hair is always the result of painstaking care. During a holiday at the seaside is to spray hair spray with high SPF. A good way out will be a stylish cap or bandana, which completely closes the strands.

3. Nourish and moisturize curls.

For the summer is to choose a quality care. Shampoo should give not only purity, but also moisture, nutrition. Use it necessarily in tandem with the balm: so the result will be much better. Do not forget about the regular masks: strands will tell You for it "thank you". Do not forget about the indelible means for the tips to prevent the cross section.

After the holidays you can spend relaxing body treatments, such as Botox, keratin recovery, detox. Due to this, tresses will look fabulously great!

Interesting ways to stab your hair.

Before you leave, you can do hair extensions: this will make the image refined and feminine. And long strands – this is a great space to create beautiful styling. We will tell you about several ways in which You will be irresistible.

1. Loose hair.

Always advantageous to look slightly sloppy small waves. To do this, you should get a special spray with sea salt. Strands wrap on your fingers and spray: this will fix the result. If the curls will interfere, they can be a little pinned on top.

2. Collected hairstyles.

Collected hairstyle – it is both stylish and practical. It allows you to open the face and neck, to focus on natural beauty. The beam will look really gorgeous!

3. Low or high tail.

Another styling, which recommends the master Ivanna Farysei - a classic tail. If you want to diversify it, try instead of hair band wrap it with a strand of hair. The effect will be brilliant!

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