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Photo Megan Markle

Many girls think that pregnancy is an inevitable time of farewell to healthy well-groomed hair. And this is a myth that we are in a hurry to debunk! Just look at the photos of the beautiful Megan Markle: while she was waiting for her baby, her image was as refined and luxurious as before the pregnancy. What is the Duchess's secret?

Secrets of hair care from Meghan Markle.

Megan Markle is, of course, a powerful source of inspiration for many girls. A bright beauty with burning dark hair and shining fervent eyes is really a worthy representative of the Royal family. How to achieve such perfect hair? Let's try to reveal a few secrets.

Pregnancy is a time when women think in panic about the process of hair loss, because almost every young mother is faced with such a problem. What can we learn from Megan Markle?

1. Proper diet.

There is no arguing – a good balanced diet is the basis. Vitamins obtained from quality products will have a positive effect on the curls. Fatty fish, nuts, greens, eggs, liver, whole grain bread – faithful helpers in the fight for beautiful hair. If vitamins are not enough, consult a doctor: he will prescribe the necessary course for pregnant women.

2. Simple hairstyles.

Pay attention to the style of Megan Markle – it seems that she always prefers elegant simplicity. Try it yourself! Bundles, loose curls, simple styling always remain in trend.

3. Quality skin care.

During pregnancy should give preference to good care cosmetics. Choose a shampoo with a rich composition, do not neglect the regular use of the balm. Once a week, make a mask – you can apply both purchased and prepare it yourself from oils (for example, olive oil is suitable for solo use, as does Monica Bellucci).

Meghan Markle is paying attention to the tips – don't forget to treat them with an indelible means. The same mirror Shine as the Duchess, can be achieved through the use of special sprays.

Natural luxurious dark shade of hair Megan – the merit of nature. What do those who would like to change the color of the curls during pregnancy? To give a definite answer is difficult. Still the master Ivanna Farysei recommends reschedule in the postnatal period. Yet the aggressive components of the paint is unlikely to normally affect the baby.

But the build-up can afford, if you are not afraid of prejudices.

Be as beautiful as Meghan Markle.

During pregnancy, Megan Markle was able to maintain its natural charm and beauty. Her hair is a delight: they are so beautiful, so silky and shiny. Perhaps you can give a few more tips:

  • choose a comb made of natural wood;
  • wash hair only in warm, not hot water;
  • try to avoid the use of styling products – they only bring harm.
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