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Photo Brazilian blowout hair

If You have been dreaming about big curls, we recommend you to pay attention to biozavivku hair big curls: this is a gentle procedure that gives long-lasting effect. A professional master will make a Perm in such a way that it looks great on the curls and causes only delight.

Advantages biozavivki for hair.

Biowave is an alternative to the usual "chemistry", which many know as a killer of hair. The basic difference is the use of a gentle composition, which has a lot of natural ingredients. It does not have the main enemies of curls - thioglycolic acid and ammonia, so the hair looks healthy and shiny.

Another great opportunity for girls – the ability to apply the composition of collagen in the composition. This allows you to achieve excellent volume. Solutions with silk proteins add smoothness and mirror Shine to the hair.

Looks large biowave: lush big curls highlight femininity and total ease. If necessary, you can make a complex hairstyle, it will look even more interesting.

Among other advantages of the procedure can be distinguished.

1. Universality.

Curly curly hair looks gorgeous on strands of any length. They will emphasize the lightness and enthusiasm of curls to the shoulders, create a unique romantic hairstyle on long strands. For any client masters find an individual approach, and the result always looks amazing.

2. The ability to abandon the daily styling.

The effect after biosavaging lasts for several months (about 3). If the curls were made on long hair with good density, the result may be slightly less. In General, permanent curls allow girls to forget about the need to do complex styling every morning – hairstyle and so will look great.

3. After biozavivki it is possible to dye hair.

This is another important difference between this procedure and the usual chemistry. The ability to tint will save those who need to regularly tint the roots.

Care wavy hair in General is almost the same as usual. Immediately after the procedure, it is recommended to cut the tips – they become very dry, prone to breakage and section.

It is necessary to choose a special shampoo designed for curly hair. Do not forget to use the balm regularly, at least once a week – nourishing or moisturizing mask. The tips should be treated with a special indelible agent.

Cons biozavivki.

Before you make yourself biozavivku, master Ivanna Farysei recommends that you become familiar with the possible disadvantages.

1. Long-term perming makes the hair dry, they begin to fluff.

2. The effect is slightly weaker than in the case of perming with an aggressive composition.

3. The procedure is to give pregnant and nursing moms.

4. Biowave is not running on hair extensions.

If You have long dreamed of changing your image, be sure to try this technique!

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