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Photo Lush hair

Many girls blessed with beautiful, lush hair, and their beauty will sparkle even brighter, they just need to apply! What do you need for this? Just a well-chosen hairstyle and caring care will make naughty strands so shiny and smooth!

Optimal haircuts for fine lush hair.

Thin lush hair – this is not a sentence, but quite a decent field of activity, which in the capable hands of the master turns into a real masterpiece. The main purpose of stylists – to emphasize femininity, volume of curls, their beautiful splendor. At the same time, thanks to the tricks it is possible to mask the dryness of the hairs, the complete lack of smoothness.

Healthy well-groomed hair in a situation with fluffiness becomes difficult to achieve, but still with the right approach, this problem can be solved. A well-chosen haircut will save the volume, as well as make the process of hair care much easier. It will be possible to get rid of dryness and electrification.

The most successful haircuts for lush hair are the following options.

1. Cascade.

Multi-stage cascade gives the image lightness, slightly eliminates fluffy. When curls are layers, they look much neater, disappears their eternal desire to break out of hair and look untidy. If the face to make short strands, the features themselves will look soft and gentle.

2. Bob with smooth cut.

Classic Bob on short hair with a smooth cut is a timeless classic that visually weigh down the strands, they look much more attractive. If you wish to complement the look with short bangs (if the density of the curls). Another distinct advantage of Bob – the ability to look great without regular styling.

3. The shag.

The shag is one of the best winning option hairstyles for short hair. This solution looks very stylish and original, a little careless, but always bright. Strands of different lengths can be milled together with the ends. It is also a real salvation for the owners of thin and rare strands – with shag they will look thicker and bulkier.

4. Aurora.

Many people think that this haircut came to us from the nineties and is hopelessly outdated. But this is not so: it looks very original and is able to rein in a lush MOP. Hairstyle multilevel: shortened front strands well emphasize the beauty of the face.

5. Choice in favor of length.

Hair extension is a good opportunity for owners of lush curls, which are poorly amenable to styling. Master Ivanna Farysei will choose the best technique by which the hair will look neat and cute.

Healthy and well-groomed hair with porous structure.

To lush hair pleased with health, they need to provide proper care. Master Ivanna Farysei in London invites you to Botox and keratin straightening procedures: after them, the curls will look luxurious. Be sure to treat yourself to a long-lasting effect and recovery strands!

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