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Photo girls with long hair

Since ancient times, the hair served as a kind of veil, a symbol of submission to the bride to her husband. In the XVIII-XIX centuries, a woman was forbidden to get a haircut, believing that she loses her natural wealth and attractiveness. Girls at parties really let your hair down, and in ordinary life, he wove it into braids, twisted into knots, I did "crown" around his head. Wash and dry had a long time, but no one thought that could be otherwise.

Today, many women prefer haircuts. For some it is to hide the small thickness of hair. For another – more rapid clearance of hair in the hair. For the third – a chance to create a new image as often as you want. However, men still look with admiration at the owners of luxurious strands that fall to the waist and below. Most enterprising female person to resort to extensions, the use of tress, hairpieces, to cause delight in the eyes of the beloved. What is so attractive is long hair with the position of the male gaze?

Long hair in different variations.

1. Pigtails.

Wide, long braid along the back describes the loftiness of the young lady. To hunch if this does not work – girl goes smoothly, slightly vzdornov chin. And the man wants to become better in her eyes, to win the beauty.

Two braids, unless they stick out in a childish way, resemble the hairstyles of the heroines of romantic works of writers. In them, the ladies had modesty, knew how to keep themselves, not succumbing to the temptations of the opposite sex. These girls want to protect, to become a reliable support for them.

2. The hair collected in a bun at the nape.

Have you noticed that men in sex prone to role-playing games? Ladies with this hair styling remind them of a teacher that wants to offer a more intimate relationship. If at one time the school was pretty, with a tight figure teacher, then surely half of the boys after 14 years were in love with her. And here is such a vivid reminder.

3. Loose hair parted in the middle.

They testify to the natural beauty of a lady from London or another city who is used to take care of herself. Silky Shine shimmering in the light strands reminds a man of the sense of beauty. Thick hair and clean skin are a sufficient condition for good genetics to get a man in reality or imagined candidate to be the mother of his children.

4. Straight and long «ponytail».

Such young ladies cause a feeling of strong energy. They are associated with the image of the Komsomol, athletes, activists, and therefore − are able to lead a healthy lifestyle, have enough strength for sports and leisure activities.

5. Hair done in the elaborate hairstyle (in the presence of high quality makeup).

They show that the female person will always find time for herself, and in tens of years will look tremendous. And what a man would not want to brag to his friends "preserved half".

6. Hair, thrown back, with a fleece and milling.

This hairstyle turns a weak creature into a sexy object, open to adventure. There is already a wish to explore and stomach, and manually comb your hair, and remember a couple of jokes, to be able to continue the conversation.

Ladies, are you interested in long hair? Do you want to be loved, cause passionate feelings and just look gorgeous? Ivanna Farysei will successfully help in this matter.

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