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Photo problem of hair loss

Hair loss occurs daily. When combing, washing head, make out the hair in the hair, then lose the hairs. How to understand that this is a natural loss, and not the beginning of baldness?

Perform a test that is performed when the head is not washed for 1-2 days. Wrap three fingers around a strand of 100 or more hairs in the root zone and run your hand over them without applying effort. If near the end of the arm will be more than 10 hairs, it means there is thinning.

It may be: iron deficiency, hormonal disruption, premenstrual period, rebuilding after birth? And can be a consequence of Smoking, living in an unfavorable environmental aspect of the territory?

Causes of hair loss.

1. Hair collected in a tight tail.

If the elastic band or barrette strongly tighten the hair, they will be pulled out from the root.

2. РA sharp change in diet associated with the disease or the desire to lose weight quickly.

When the food is not balanced, it will quickly affect the health, immunity, skin, hair, nails.

3. Thyroid disease and age-related restructuring of the body.

Thyroid affects metabolism, cardiovascular system, mental state of the person, thermoregulation of the body. London endocrinologists often pee iodine-containing drugs.

4. Regular stress state.

It can be excessive load at work, bad relations in collective, pressure of the administration, problems in a family with the husband, children, the strained relations with relatives, neighbors. Nervous stresses are ways to cause malfunctions in the internal systems of the body.

5. The use of shampoos, masks, balms, foams of low quality.

The composition of products often affects the abundance of unfamiliar ingredients that are introduced to maintain the smell in time, consistency, color, preservation of properties. A large number of chemically active substances significantly impairs the quality of hair.

6. Frequent use of hair dryer, Curling irons, Ironing.

Thermal processes destroy the strength of the cuticle, exposing the inner hair shaft. Many people immediately dry the hair after washing, which leads to their fragility. Thermal change of the form of hair and brings about adverse changes in the hair.

7. Taking medication during treatment or post-operative recovery.

A patient who has something cut out should take a whole complex of drugs that prevent the appearance of bacterial processes in tissues that accelerate healing. If it's chemotherapy, then after a course of radiation hair will not remain. People wear wigs to cover up the lack of vegetation on their heads.

8. Genetic predisposition.

Heredity plays tricks on people. While only you can briefly postpone life "sentence" of balding, but to completely get rid of it.

9. Diseases of the scalp, leading to partial and complete allopecia.

Inflammation, beginning with a strong rubbing of the scalp, redness, the appearance of pimples and areas with exfoliating, dead skin − a serious "warning bell" for going to the doctor.

10. Walking in the cold with his head uncovered.

Hair weaken under the influence of high and low temperatures. Therefore, it is not surprising if there is an abundant loss.

If hair loss is not associated with individual health problems, Ivanna Farysei will help you choose the right hair care products.

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