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Photo The harm of solar activity

Strands hanging lifelessly after a rest absolutely not add appeal. But summer is so alluring: you want to sunbathe, and swim, and go on a tour of the mountains. Walking in a cap or panama is not always desirable, especially if you are ready to make a series of beach shots.

What are the dangers of the sun? α-rays take the internal water, and β-rays make the natural pigment lighter. Brittle hair occurs as a result of severe overheating, which provokes the disappearance of nutrients.

The scalp is a component of keratin, water, nutrients and pigments. Burnout occurs as a result of the destruction of amino acids and the change of the natural shade of hair, and blondes suffer from this more.

Important ingredients in hair products.

1. Ultraviolet filter. Their role − to capture the dangerous components emitted by the light, They are physical (microparticles of zinc oxide, titanium dioxide), organic (synthesized in the laboratory) and natural (peach oil, jojoba, aragan, Shea). The more SP, the hair will be protected in direct sunlight for longer.

2. Moisturizing balms and masks, which are composed of silk proteins, aloe Vera, ylang-ylang, derivatives of seaweed, collagen, etc...

3. Shampoo with Dimethicone. It forms a shell that cannot be destroyed by sea salt.

4. Means containing squalane oil will help to moisturize the scalp and hair without leaving greasy marks on the hair.

5. The best effect is given by indelible drugs, as they continue to work after application.

What will please the cosmetic industry.

  • A couple of balm and shampoo Solar Sublime (brand Londa). The composition of the products contains a complex with microions that positively affect the characteristics of the hair. Macadamia gives the strands softness and Mandarin extract provides UV protection.
  • Sun Protection Spray (Wella brand). It is better not to part with the bottle: it will help to moisturize the hair at any time, adding the necessary vitamins to them. Product features – resistant to sea water.
  • Two means Solar Sublime (brand L'oreal). Shampoo completely wash stuck in the hair particles of sand, street dust, adding softness and smoothness, and the balm will become a barrier to radiation, fixing the color pigment in the hair.
  • After Sun (system brand). Air conditioning will help those who did not have time to think about the protection of hair from the sun, and received negative results in the form of spoiled aggressive water and sun strands. Literally in the eyes of the curls "come to life", say goodbye to fragility and begin to fit well in her hair.

In London, you can buy these drugs in specialty stores and DC.

Tips for vacationers and those who are a lot in the sun.

1. A headdress or umbrella is the first thing you need to protect.

2. Before swimming in the sea, wet the tips of the hair with fresh water, then they will absorb less salt. A similar advice can be given to those who like to visit the pool.

3. Wet hair is best rinsed out of the bottle, washing off the sea composition, and leave to dry without twisting.

4. Minimize the use of daily heat pads to avoid adding tests to your hair.

5. Metal clips on the head attract radiation, so it is better to use plastic clips.

6. To wash your head, use boiled water with fresh lemon juice.

7. Ingestion of collagen in capsules daily consumption of fruit will benefit not only the body but also the hair.

Ivanna Farysei will choose for you an individual program for hair protection.

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