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to order a reverse ring

Photo hair extensions or tresses

Hair pieces.

Represent the lining of the hair attached in different ways.

There are 4 types of technology works:

  • Afro. To the basal horizontal braid with a needle and thread attached strips of hair. Overlay occurs in several levels, as one scythe is attached 1 wide strip of donor material;
  • Japanese. The ring is inserted into the native strand and attach, and then it is clamped by the tool;
  • Bonding. Fixing adhesive method in several tiers.

The methods attract attention by the speed of execution (no more than 2 hours), affordable cost (an order of magnitude less than the keratin build-up), relatively uniform load on the hair and the ability to remove yourself (meaning the first method of increasing the volume of hair).

Capacity ribbons and capsules.

Polymer tape extension allows for 1-1.5 hours to attach donor strands to their own. No additional tools are required, there are no thermal processes, the glue in 90% does not cause allergies (except when the reaction occurs on the components).

Capsule extension (very popular in London) allows you to extend the period of wearing hair up to 3 months, which is impossible with the tape method. Strands are identical to their own, are selected taking into account the rigidity of its hair. At the same time there are no restrictions for thin hairs. It is possible to perform the build-up color, close in tone or contrasting strands. With new hair, any hairstyle is available.


1. When afro extensions for correction it is necessary to remove hair pieces, undo the braids, then do it all over again on freshly washed hair, changing the altitude of hair.

2. Similarly, with Japanese rings. Tress is removed, the ring expands and is already a new strand of hair.

3. Perenashivanie when bonding is performed using solution that neutralizes the effects of glue.

4. With tape build-up, moistening the place of gluing with a solvent will weaken the adhesion of the hair, after which the donor strands are quickly removed. Their reverse fastening is similar to the initial one.

5. Correction of capsule build-up is reduced to softening solution. Softened keratin "releases" the attached hair, which is used a limited number of times.

What are interesting tress and what they may not suit.

Your own hair will not get any changes, they only serve as the basis for fixing the additional material. Strands are used for reusable use, they do not need to be trimmed.

It is necessary to learn how to comb properly: separately your hair, separately donor. You wear your hair and do not commit to this period of coloristic procedures.

What will please the increased curls.

With the increased strands, you can perform any manipulation: cut, paint, perform a Perm. After visiting the pool or swimming in salt water should wash your hair with fresh water and a special shampoo. Proper washing and gentle combing will ensure the maximum period of "wearing" the hair before correction.

Ivanna Farysei is a master with extensive practical experience who perfectly perform any kind of build-up and increase density by using tress.

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