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Photo Milling

Unlike the square, which requires a smooth contour of hair throughout the head, the rest of the hairstyles are not subject to such strict hairdressing regulations. Milling helps to achieve visual harmony, "thinning" the extra volume and adding splendor in the right places.

The effect of thinning out.

1. For thick, not hard hair, it will help to gain volume in the occipital, frontal part.

2. Polished Perm or your curls will get the desired accuracy instead of protruding springs.

3. The owners of thick hairs with a large number of them often have a problem of visual "overhang" haircut, increasing the size of the head. Surface milling will adjust the configuration of hairstyles and help long hair beautifully placed on the shoulders.

4. And thin (but not thin) hair thinning is possible. It will be partial, but it will also make positive points in the hairstyle.


Milling shears differ from the usual presence of evenly distributed teeth on the shearing plane. The more often they are located, the more evenly is the design of the cut. The tool is quite expensive, but with timely cleaning after use and storage in the case, it will last a long time. Thanks to the possibilities of online stores, it is easy to buy them both in London and in any city of Great Britain.

Important rules of milling.

  • It is performed both on the hair held in the hand (Poyting) and on the comb.
  • Milling is performed parallel to the trimmed ends. Otherwise, the silhouette of the hairstyle is distorted (recall that the milling is the final stage, when the main haircut is already done).
  • It is forbidden to make two cuts with scissors in one place. This will create a ladder with a sharp transition of hair level.
  • After milling the edges of the hair becomes airy, strands if lifted.
  • It is recommended to perform milling at a length equal to 1/3 of the edge, or no more than half the length of the strand. Deeper cutting is allowed in places of formation of vortices that need to be visually smoothed.

Types of milling.

Depending on the thickness of the hair and the type of hairstyle hairdressers choose milling tips, the middle part of the hair or basal areas.

Fuzzy tips can be achieved by trimming "teeth", while the scissors are located at an angle of 45°, and the processing area along the length is 5 cm.

Cascading layers haircuts need vertical fine-tuning. The strand is straightened to the side, a pair of scissors without stop moving in the perpendicular direction.

If you need to work on creating a natural roundness hairstyles, curl or part of the hair pulled down and treated with a gear tool.

The most difficult milling – near the roots. This scissors work across the strands throughout the hair.

Sometimes customers ask us to perform thinning, and to remind the undercoat. In this case the preferred technique of "injection", which cuts fragments depending on different levels of haircuts.

Turning for advice and a haircut to Ivanna Farysei, you will always get a neat hairstyle, made at a decent, qualified level.

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