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Photo service hair extensions for men

Hair extension, which is successfully used by women, and men are interested. They agree to modify their appearance for the better, so go to beauty salons for hand care, manicure, facial massages, skin tightening inoperable methods. Add to your own thinned hair additional strands will help hair extensions.

Who is shown this type of service in London.

1. If the grandfather or father at an early age had a bald head, then the son in 90% it will appear before the age.

2. Severe illness can cause partial or complete alopecia.

3. Work in hazardous industries with a high degree of toxicity of the air also have a negative impact on overall health, but also hair, fingernails, breath, skin.

4. Living in an environmental risk zone will also have negative consequences.

The procedure of extension will help to cover the exposed areas on the skull, increase the density of the natural vegetation cover of the head.


Men do not offer the adhesive method, rings, clips and Termokarstovoye capacity, as the majority of representatives of a strong half of mankind have short hair or slightly longer length. Hairdressers use microcapsular technology in their work. Connection points up to 2 mm are invisible in the total volume of hair (in contrast to the classical method, in which the areas of extension should be covered with the upper hair). Instead of keratin wax is used.

Only healthy hair can withstand the weight of the attached donor material. If a person takes strong drugs, receives chemotherapy, is in remission after a serious illness, has problems with the heart and vascular system, diseases of the scalp, then he is contraindicated hair extension procedure.

The advantages of the process.

The procedure is long, takes about 2.5-5 hours. The interval between corrections is 4-6 months.

1. The man continues to lead a habitual way of life. The only thing – the hair should be treated more carefully, quickly rinse them with a towel after washing, do not forget to wash off traces of chlorine after the pool and salt after sea bathing.

2. The absence of discomfort allows you to quickly get used to the new condition of the hair. It is important not to forget to carefully comb your hair.

3. Male build-up is more economical than female, as the correction is done less often.

4. If you compare with the hair transplant, the effect is unstable (that is, you need every six months to do everything again), but the cost of the service is available for many.

If you are a businessman, a person building a career in politics, show business, modeling, see yourself as a successful coach working with a large audience, then you probably have to meet with partners, customers, investors, viewers. External discomfort can provoke awkwardness, so hair extensions "will lead the head in order", creating a beautiful hairstyle in place of thinned hair.

Ivanna Farysei specializes in hair extensions for female and male audiences. Becoming a client, after a few hours you will feel like a completely different person, which will confirm the image in the mirror and the smiles of women on the way.

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