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Photo wet head

Indeed, any hairdresser will confirm that sleeping with a wet head will be harmful. Initially, you will only get difficulties with combing, but the consequences will be much more serious.

Reasons for bans.

1. Hair is twisted and tangled with each other.

Rarely sleeps so that as laid down by choosing a comfortable position and getting up in the morning. Most of us many times change the position for sleep, being under the impression of the events of the past day or getting into the Kingdom of Morpheus in completely unpredictable situations. In the morning, a "bird's nest" is formed on the head, which has to be untangled for a long time and carefully, angry at the evening rush with strands.

2. Prerequisites for the appearance of a cold.

When the hot weather in summer or significant heating in winter, you want to use the cooling air conditioning, open the window for fresh air. You can wrap up to the top of the blanket and still get sick. The emergence of viruses contribute to moisture and the decrease in body temperature: the blood vessels are made ỷже, reducing the immune system of the body.

3. Fallout.

Equally bad for the hair, if wet strands twisted into a knot or just wrapped in a towel. Hair, saturated water, become weak, and any mechanical impact, including troubled dream, for them becomes dangerous.

4. Bacterial attacks.

Excess moisture in combination with the heat coming from the head, can create an environment favorable for the emergence and active reproduction of bacteria. And this will be a prerequisite for the appearance of dandruff.

5. Natural protection.

Each hair is impregnated with natural fat. This is necessary for the formation of a protective shell, eliminating the drying of curls and loss of natural Shine.

6. Fungal infections and rashes.

Not dried curls can cause mycotic redness on the scalp and the appearance of acne in the areas of contact with the face and neck hair.

7. Natural reaction of the body.

The body fights the appearance of bacteria on its own, directing blood flow to potentially infected areas. You may feel a rush of blood in your head, causing an unpleasant feeling of heat and headache.

8. Hidden symptoms.

When every day to wash my hair at night and lie down to rest, not having dried the strands, moisture will gradually be absorbed into the filling. It will not have time to dry in the morning, so in the depth of bedding there will be bacteria that can cause allergies or provoke an asthma attack.

9. Discomfort.

Wet hair contributes to frequent waking up. The result is regular fatigue after a night of rest, dissatisfaction and bad character, the consequences of which have a negative impact on others.

What to do.

Give up the habit of finishing the day with unwashed hair. Wash your hair in the morning or go to bed after drying your hair.

Ivanna Farysei, the owner of a showroom in London, always shared with clients the important features to help keep hair in a healthy and an attractive condition for many years.

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