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Photo problem of hair tips section

How repulsive hair looks when it shows certain flaws: allopecia, dandruff, split ends.

What is trichoptilosis.

Trichoptilosis involves damage to the hair shaft. As a result, it loses its natural strength, becomes prone to transverse fracture and longitudinal splitting. Your place of residence can be London, a small town or a picturesque village, but it affects the condition of the hair. The only thing that is noted: the division of the hair into several parts is more common in owners of long curls.

Splitting exposed hairs partially – the rest remain in a healthy state.

What is the cause of the altered state of the hair tips.

  • Climatic factor. Excess solar energy, wind and frost have a negative impact on our hair. Partly to protect themselves will help hats.
  • A quick brushing, not involving the unraveling of the strands.
  • Use of the wrong mode of installation, expressed in excessive overheating of the curls with a Hairdryer and increased temperature modulating hair "flat iron".
  • The choice of products for washing and care that do not meet the real needs of the hair.
  • Food, excluding the content of sufficient trace elements and vitamins.
  • Diseases of endocrine, pulmonary, hematopoietic, dermatological type, the treatment of which has a side effect on the condition of the hair.
  • Hard chlorinated water from the tap, desiccate hair.

Preventive health measures.

a) Pay attention to the condition of the hair and nails. Perhaps they should be nourished with vitamin complexes. In summer it is done with the help of fruits and berries.

b) Check if your strands are too long and heavy, taking into account the individual type of hair?

c) Analyze, in how often do you perform dyeing, perming, straightening?

d) Evaluate the quality of shampoos, gels, foams, masks, which are used to improve the appearance and protection of hair.

e) How do you remove moisture from the head after washing, which comb use?

f) do you Often include a hair dryer, Curling iron, Ironing, which not only dry, but also burn strands?

The correct approach to washing, drying, hair care will reduce the number of split hairs.

How to fix the situation.

1. When the ends are cut, they can only be visually glued, but not return to the initial state. Therefore, it is better to go to a hair salon and cut the length of 2-5 cm. Teach yourself every 2 months to visit the master to remove the transformed ends of the hairstyle.

2. After washing the hair, do not twist, do not RUB, and slowly rinse with a soft towel.

3. Use moisturizing and protective conditioners, without which the hair deteriorates faster.

4. Let's rest from the hair thermal processes, colors, complex hairstyles.

5. Long hair overnight braid his hair blond in not a tight pigtail.

Turning to the salon of Ivanna Farysei, you will always get immediate help and answers to your questions.

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