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Photo trends in hairstyles

Do not forget that it is very important to choose a hairstyle based on the individual characteristics of the face in profile and full face, thick hair... nature and mood. Yes, it is the mood that will help to "present yourself" in the form of a playful girl, a confident business lady, a brutal macho, an athlete, a military man.

Female half.

1. Determined and ambitious? Try to shave the whiskey and put on the rest of the hair modeling gel to create the impression of slight negligence in the hair. Asymmetry looks cool. Many fans of cascading haircuts complement your image long or short bangs-ladder.

2. Are you a football fan or an ethno-style fan? Display your passion in an exclusive hairstyle.

3. Haircut "Pixie" looks a little old and childish. When she is one of the "squeaks" of fashion, why not try yourself in this hairdressing angle?

4. Haircut "Sesson" for straight, short hair, eliminates hair, nail and other bulk chips. It is modeled in a way that combines elements of different hairdressing styles. Suitable owners are not elongated face, with a well-defined configuration of the eyebrows.

5. Remember 80-90-ies of the last century? Today, the splendor is also in fashion, but in a slightly different perspective. In the hairstyle "looks through" teenage rebellion, romance, thirst for adventure.

With long hair experiment mainly in color and texture. As for the style, it is rare to find shaved temples and nape. Mostly offers smooth contours or cascade location vertically.

Male half.

Men more humble and not very welcome trendy creative? As it is not so! The basis is set by London, however, on the periphery of the country there are many fans of unique haircuts.

1. Somewhere fluffy, some short, all – out styling. Ripped form with smooth contour is cropped.

2. If you see yourself obedient boy or dandy, loving, that hair in the hair adjacent to the hair, choose preppy. Long, combed up and smooth hair with no claim to fluffiness.

3. Sagittarius. Why this is the name of the cut is unknown. It is suitable for men − mischievous fate, people of creative professions.

4. In short, it is noticeable. Fashion shaved strips "joined the masses" after the release of the series of the film "Taxi" with Sami Naseri. Brave taxi driver with a shaved side strip and today inspires young people to such hairstyles. Lines, letters and simple patterns are shaved.

5. To stand out, you have to try. It is necessary to paint the hair in the color opposite to the vegetation on the beard, add a bright fragment, trim the temporal-occipital part and lift the frontal strands. That's just a lot of work to create a hairstyle and maintain it in this state is not easy.

6. There are complex hairstyles that combine several elements of haircuts and styling. For example, such: in front – magnificent cook, on the sides – tightly braided pigtails, turning into a bunch behind. It is not clear what the name and purpose of this hair styling, for what events it is intended. The image is complemented by an overgrown mustache and beard.

Extravagant haircuts – this is one way to become visible in the eyes of others. Someone it arises from a lack of inner confidence, and the other person wants to be radically different from the others. Nobody forbids to experiment with the hair therefore such "masterpieces" on the head are born.

Ivanna Farysei, the owner of the salon in London, will help you choose the right hairstyle that matches your lifestyle and personal image.

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