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Photo biowave and ionization

Sparing technologies are increasingly attracting the attention of women. It's so wonderful: you get a new hairstyle, but the hair is not exposed to negative effects.

Biowave: «pros and cons».

Biowave – effects on the hair structure with amino acids. In comparison with the chemical permanent and alkaline variety is a gentle method of obtaining curly curls. Kept on the hair for 3-6 months, with a very hard hair curls remains 1-1.5 months.

Depending on the type and condition of the hairstyle, the masters perform on different lengths of strands, with the preliminary strengthening of the weakened and the treatment of damaged hair. Select the form of large waves, Brazilian blowout, spiral, with the effect of "wet hair", modeling roots or individual sections of hair.

Gentle Perm is very popular in London, where people can afford reasonable manipulation of the hair, which without any consequences at the time change their characteristics.


  • Lush hairstyle starting from the roots.
  • No chemical damage, allowing the hair to look alive and natural.
  • Ability for long hair to wear them loose on the shoulders and collect in the hairstyle.
  • The size of the bobbins to choose from, taking into account the shape and size of future curls.
  • Accelerated laying, which is reduced to a minimum.


  • The need to maintain a new hair texture associated with the acquisition and use of special tools. Otherwise, the splendor disappears, and the hair looks messy.
  • Do not dye your hair to avoid messy results.
  • It is possible to increase the fragility and dryness of the hair.

Bionicare: «pros and cons».

Bionicare is the improvement of the current condition of the hair repairing serum-restructuring. It consists of 3 strong components:

а) elastin. It has deep penetration, from the inside "repairing" the hairs and delivering nutrition to the follicles;

b) keratin. Eliminates messy wavy and protruding tips, makes hair more manageable, softer, silky;

c) ceramides. Deliver assistance to the cells, strengthening the walls and connecting with each other in a strong frame

Heating the hair under the cap Hairdryer increases the effectiveness of the composition.


  • Eliminates irregularities and voids in the core area.
  • Removed the effects of curls, coloring, afro-braids that weakened the hair and made them dull.
  • Neutralize the effects of excessive exposure to the sun, salt water, frost without a hat.
  • Will be removed if there is excessive oiliness of the hair.


  • The inconvenience is the need to pass from 4 to 7 sessions. However, a significant improvement in the condition of the hair is worth it to visit the hairdresser once a month.

Metropolitan salon Ivanna Farysei clients to help maintain the beauty of hair doing extensions and other conversions that enhance the appearance. You can sign up for a convenient time to get a charge of good mood and get out of the cabin transformed.

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