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Photo «remy hair» and «non remy hair»

In addition to the fact that donor hair are single and double sample, they are divided into another feature: whether they are immediately collected and distributed in the direction of the cuticle or mixed.


Hair of the best quality, which was originally designed for exclusive extension. For the purpose of the selection of the client sits in a chair, the hairdresser gently combs it, collects the hair under the elastic band and cuts off, placing in a special package. In the harvested "tail" cuticles are placed in the same direction, so the individual elements are not confused with each other. They can be stored in this form for a long time, on demand.


  • The original order in the cuticles allows you to build up, use the material in the hairpieces, tresses to get a wonderful result. Donor hair is well suited to the "live" (subject to successful color matching) and does not cause visual dissonance.
  • Added hair well combed fits well.
  • The material looks neat and lasts longer, so the result of building is only positive emotions.

Clients living in London, some of whom work in high positions, and the rest just like to look great, prefer to use donor material Remy when building.


  • In addition to the higher cost, no. Prepared strands allow you to do with them any manipulation, including coloring and Curling, delighting in their appearance.

Non (No) Remy.

Here the focus is on the price factor, so the source material is collected in hairdressing salons and at home. The second method is typical for Asian countries: women fold their hair falling out every day when combing in a separate package, then hand it over to buyers. There can be no question of a single direction of the cuticles, as the hairs are twisted, mixed and only then fall to the sorting. Therefore, the material is completely different, and a couple of weeks after the build-up causes unpleasant visual sensations.

However, firms involved in the preparation of hair, go to the trick. To avoid tangling of individual strands due to the versatile orientation of the cuticles, acids are used, under the action of which the cuticles are destroyed. But at the same time, the characteristics of the donor material deteriorate: porosity increases, the color becomes inexpressive, softness disappears. To hide the effects of treatment, curls are covered with silicone, pass them through polishing machines, visually restoring the desired characteristics.


  • Low cost.


  • The acquisition of donor material without silicone kind of scarce semi-finished product.
  • The inability of the well to hair comb because of tangles, due to the diverse orientation of the cuticle.
  • Negative attitude to the cabin in which the build-up was carried out (the master must warn, and it is better not to use bad material).

Ivanna Farysei works with the best donor hair extensions. Turning to the salon, you get a reliable result and expert advice on the care of hair extensions.

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