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Photo From the black-haired lady in a spectacular blonde

The process of staining turns out to be gradual, because at one time it will not be possible to achieve a cardinal change of color. Some believe that only one tool can be used, but it will not be possible.

The paint is not able to remove the black color and make lighter. It is only to impose to the existing ton of extra pigment. But in this case the tone will not change, because the dark light is not overcome.

The wash will only slightly lighten the hair, for example, from a black-haired lady will make a dark brunette. However, you can get an unpredictable result in the form of a burning brunette, because your own pigment on the hair will remain. Therefore, the washout is suitable for initial tone reduction, and then a chemical powder clarifier is used.

Process technology.

1. The entire hair is divided into thin strands, which are processed with an oxidizer clarifier and wrapped in foil.

2. The procedure is repeated (sometimes 1 time, sometimes 2-3 times) to gradually etch a dark shade of hair.

3. When unnecessary pigment left the hair, it remains open, so you need to tint it. Tint called paint does not contain ammonia.

Becoming a blonde, do not forget to maintain the condition of the hair. You'll need a recovery mask, oil for split ends. But if I usethermal hair iron , it will take the drug for temperature protection of the strands. In London in specialized shops the huge choice of means is presented, however it is better to use recommendations of the hairdresser.

How much and what to take.

How to select the concentration of the dispersed composition for discoloration and oxidizer? Brightening powder is combined with an oxidizing agent with a concentration of 1.9% -12%. Che higher percentage, the work goes faster, but at the same time and the hair spoils more. Can also be yellow. At a concentration of up to 3% of the hair receive a more gentle treatment, so require minimal recovery after a color change. In this case, a small concentration is combined with a longer aging to reduce the amount of red pigment. An experienced master is able to select such compositions that can bring minimal harm to the hair and ensure the achievement of the desired color.

Why not paint yourself.

Even if you surround yourself with mirrors, you will still not see a full color picture on your head in the process of coloring. And if you suddenly do not have enough money or start to get something not according to plan?

You can invite a girlfriend who, in case of an unsuccessful attempt, will begin to change the situation with all available means at hand. Do you trust your head to experiments?

Fans are often filled with advice from the Internet, completely ignoring the technology of staining, trying to get the result faster. But in the salon the duration of the procedure can reach 4-9 hours, depending on the length of the hair, coloring technology and products used.

If you do not want to get yourself "torn years", ridicule others, the need to urgently run to the nearest salon with a handkerchief on his head, then take care of choosing the place of painting and the master.

Capital master Ivanna Farysei offers professional services in the field of hairdressing. Turning to it, you get a deliberately agreed quality of work.

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