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Photo How to make your head beautiful

What is meant by well-groomed hair? Of course – their appearance with the correct selection of shampoos, masks, conditioners, gels.

What factors indicate the beauty, good appearance and health of hair.

1. Neatly trimmed tips without section. Bifurcated hair is perceived as a sign of a lack of vitamins, diseases or Frank indifference to yourself. They'll ruin any hairstyle.

2. The natural Shine of the hair. Looking at the beautiful ebb of the wave in the hair, you always want to please for its owner. It is this visual sign that indicates that the hair is healthy and full of energy, and therefore in sufficient quantities receive the necessary nutrients.

3. Silkiness. Soft hair is a dream of any woman and a delightful argument of her attractiveness for a man. Imagine how much effort and money Brazilian women spend trying to turn hard rings of small curls into obedient and tactile pleasant hair?

4. The lack of increased fluffiness. This creates the impression of negligence, partly carelessness in its appearance. That is why so popular services for the alignment of strands, which simultaneously eliminate the increased electrification and protruding tips.

5. The right approach to hair type. In addition to fat, dry and combined, the hair is also divided into straight, curly and subject to age-related changes.

  • Winning straight hair – in their length, especially if the hair is naturally thick. Air conditioning and fleece are moderately, and light oils are used regularly.
  • Curly strands through pores absorb more useful beauty products. Surely you are trying to straighten them regularly, but it may not be necessary to torment the vegetation of the head, because the slightest moisture will immediately reduce the effort to zero. When fluffiness is perceived as trouble, do keratinization or collagen hair treatment. And if you want to leave everything in its natural form, then use sprays of antihydrophobic action.
  • Hair in adulthood is usually dry or combined. Use products that correspond to the age range: with a high content of panthenol, protein, vitamins, oils, antioxidants.

What other transformations are allowed.

There are several tricks that have provided hairdressers from London beauty salons.

  • Natural shade have to change, if you can make a woman brighter. Choose the right color matching eye color: blonde with black and dark brown hair looks ridiculous, because blond girls usually gray or blue eyes.
  • Size of Curling. Large ladies better to do small curls and shorter hairstyles. A girl of medium build and subtle persons is better to stay on large, wavy curls.
  • Hair length. Here it is necessary to pay attention to the personal features of the shape, head size, roundness and asymmetric parts of the face, the degree of ears to the head. A large head excludes with large halo of hair at the top. A small forehead does not allow the presence of bangs. Protruding ears better cover, not to present on display.

These factors will help to assess how your hair meet the parameters of health and beauty, and tips will make the look even more beautiful.

Ivanna Farysei is ready to help you in small and radical transformations of hairstyles.

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