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Photo Tapes with imitation of hair growth

The proposed technology of hair extension using tapes for visual imitation of their growth is a kind of cold method of lengthening strands. The obvious difference is that the place of fixation of strands remains invisible. This allows you to increase the side hair, make thicker bangs, add length and volume of your own hair.

The tape is made of a polymer that is ideal for the scalp. Thin base forms in place of attachment area thickness of not more than 2 mm, which is completely invisible in the tail, "shell" and other hairstyles that require lifting hair up.

If desired (and economy), you can combine the material with the imitation of hair growth with the usual tape extension. If you make a pair of elongation, the bottom are the usual tape, and at the top – simulating natural hair. The service is very popular in London among those who are actively engaged in fitness, Amateur or professional sports.

Advantages of the material used.

1. Imitation of the hair with the help of perfectly suitable for color and quality tapes.

2. Handmade by the interweaving of the hair provides strength to each of the strands.

3. In the process of combing and formation of hairstyles there is no loss of fragments.

4. The donor material has a different, flowing length in the beam, so it looks natural, resembling a cascade of well-washed flowing hair.

5. The direct texture of the selected strands allows them to curl, form any hairstyle, color, trim if desired.

6. Speed of service – for half an hour it is possible to process the whole head. Fragmentary build-up is even faster.

7. Long term use of one donor strand without replacement is 20 cycles.

8. Hair is perfectly matched to natural, forming a natural continuation.

9. For the correction you need to visit salon once in 30-60 days.

10. The extension does not weigh down the hair, giving the opportunity to order the service to people with thin and sparse hair.

How is the fixation of the tape.

  • A small strand is separated with a comb, under which the additional material is placed at a distance of 0.5 cm from the roots.
  • After fixing the top strand is applied to the bottom, and the extra, not stuck hairs are removed.
  • Fix the second donor part to the top of the first one.
  • Connect them with the tactile force of your fingers.

Then leave your hair loose or boldly do your hair.

Hair will withstand any hairstyle, use a hair dryer, Curling irons and other hairdressing tools. When cutting is a smooth transition between their own and hair extensions.

Competent care ensures good wearing.

Before the next wash with warm water, hair should be combed, at the end of the towel and wet again comb, and it is recommended to dry naturally. Use a regenerating mask twice a week.

During the holiday period, when swimming in the sea, it is better to use a cap, If you use a shower 1-2 times a day, hide your hair from water. At night it is better to braid it in pigtails.

Hair hard to tolerate water with chlorine, salt, staining, use of alcohol-based products.

In the salon of Ivanna Farysei, you will always find a qualified master who will qualitatively perform lengthening and correction of hair extensions.

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