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Photo model for a hairdresser

Surely you meet many times on the Internet ads "looking for a model", "need "fresh" face for a master class on creating hairstyles", "need girls with long hair to get a beautiful, free hairstyle". How should we treat such proposals and what do the models get in the end?


1. Applicants are notified in advance in what perspective the master class will be held: cutting, coloring, creating a dynamic image, etc…

2. In most cases, cut held master, teaching a lesson to the audience, or their students, "stuffing hand" under the guidance of an experienced friend.

3. You get a fashionable haircut or coloring for a symbolic cost. Free means no payment for the work when you make an amount for consumables.

4. You need to be prepared for the fact that the result of the work will be published on the website or contest works. If you are by nature shy or do not want to disclose the fact of the emergence of a new image, it is not suitable for this role.

5. Mismatched new hairstyles type of face, shape of the head is practically impossible. During the pre-selection, those who will work with you, will require a photo or ask in detail about the features of appearance.

6. It will take more time than usual to visit the salon. This is due to the possible queues to the hairdresser's chair (sometimes several specialists work with models, taking turns placing girls in one room), a detailed explanation of the elements and techniques of cutting (when an experienced specialist introduces the nuances of young colleagues). Especially such "promotions" are in demand in major cities England.

Benefits for voluntary clients.

  • You will be among the girlfriends "star", able to spend a certain amount on your image (subject to a complete secret, where there was a new haircut or highlights).
  • You will often meet young people who like modern girls who pay attention to their appearance.
  • You can almost free (and sometimes completely without attachments) look stylish and luxurious.
  • Will invest in the resulting image significantly smaller amount compared to a visit to the salons. Often, in addition to haircuts, salons hold similar conditionally free master classes in manicure, pedicure, makeup.

"Stocks" at the hairdressers almost never happens, because everything is done slowly, under the guidance of experienced colleagues. Surprisingly, master classes and recording the bold and the timid girl. The main motive is to save money, which is always there, where to spend more. Therefore, students, workers with small salaries and just a lover to get something almost free willingly respond to the master classes. And the money saved is easy to spend on a new update, cosmetics, perfume, a trip with friends to a paid disco, a cafe, a trip to the tour.

Referring to Ivanna Farysei, you will be able to see themselves in new ways.

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