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Photo hair collagenization

Due to the state of the body, natural factors, the amount of protein in the hair decreases. They lose their natural appeal, weaken and split. The condition is aggravated and in the future you have to spend a lot of time and money to return the hair to its former charm.

Collagen is a form of protein produced taking into account the savings of all useful components. Technological heating of the mixture is not performed, so the composition of the 21st component is stored in a "live" form. Protein resuscitates the hair of the head and literally after the first procedure there is a significant improvement in their condition.

Questions and answers.

1. What specific action does the protein produce?

Due to the nutrition of the rods, the porosity of the hair decreases, their strength increases. Protein, as a source, fills each strand, making it more obedient comb, removing excess fluff and shaggy at the ends. Split sections are attached to the hair, restoring uniformity.

2. Kollagenova is the treatment?

Collagen supplementation can not be attributed to the treatment, as there are no specially developed drugs with a pharmacological bias. Most likely it is – a recovery SPA-procedure that leads to the proper form of hair.

3. How many times do I have to make collagen?

It all depends on the condition of the hair. For example, residents of London need to do it less often than the inhabitants of Odessa, as the activity of sunlight in the South is stronger. It is enough once a month and a half to pass the protein makeup of the hair.

During the month the result will be visible. The recommended course consists of 3 procedures, each of which will improve the condition of the hair.

4. To whom is the procedure recommended?

The service is suitable for hair of different thickness. Direct type will get color enhancement, nutrition, fat normalization. Wavy hair with frizz will become orderly state of hairs and a small alignment. Fully solved problems with weakness, dryness, porosity, brittle hair.

Benefits of collagen exposure.

  • The protein product treats each hairline creating an invisible protection coating around it.
  • It is noted the volume of the hairstyle.
  • Strands are beautiful and evenly placed on the head without pushing and comb electrification with the effect of "sun".
  • Collagen returns the brightness of the color.
  • There is elasticity of the hair, they are saturated with moisture and much less susceptible to cross section.

The difference between hair treatment with collagen and keratin.

Protein mass is completely environmentally friendly. In the keratin of the mix is etilenglikol that slowly releases formaldehyde.

The result of keratin exposure lasts up to 5-6 months (minimum – up to 3). Collagen provides 30-day effectiveness.

Collagen priority restores the quality of hair, keratin is more focused on straightening.

Turning to Ivanna Farysei (, you will be able to qualitatively saturate the hair with the necessary components, so that they acquire a radiant.

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