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Photo What to expect after using shampoos

Sulfates provide an opportunity to get the desired quality of the product for a small price. They cost less than a soap base, so manufacturers are happy to reduce the cost of their range (from foams for washing to toothpastes and shower gels). This means that the final cost of cosmetic products will be lower, which leads to increased consumer demand and regular profits.

For comparison, take the "Coca-Cola", which is not only drunk, but also cleaned with liquid rust and sulfates - their primary name was to clean tanks and machine guns during the great Patriotic war. Here so many applied inventions, and we don't even think regarding their harmfulness.

Varieties and principle of operation.

Sulfate-containing products are represented by 4 representatives:

- SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate)

- SLES (sodium Laureth sulfate)

- ALS (ammonium dodecyl sulfate)

- ALES (ammonium Laureth sulfate)

It is quite clear that the manufacturer will not advertise the harm of additives, except to mention that with regular use for decades, the products will be harmful. In fact, the consequences are also present with monthly use – you will learn about it below.

Laureto-lauryl is a product, the initial component of which is sulfuric acid, the special chemical activity of which is known from school lessons. The use of these thickeners adversely affects the condition of the skin and hair. Therefore, it is better to wash the hair twice with mild foaming shampoos without harmful inclusions than to speed up the hair cleaning, adding to yourself problems.

Effects of the use of sulfate surfactants.

1. The dryness of the hair, leading to an unpleasant aesthetic appearance of the hairstyle.

2. Partial nevimune near the roots, can accumulate toxic components.

3. Dandruff is a very unpleasant kind of peeling of the skin, claiming to be whitish pieces on the shoulders. With severe dandruff, involuntary scratching of the scalp is observed, which further increases the loss of scales.

4. Hair loss, up to partial alopecia.

5. The appearance of allergic symptoms on the skin.

Manufacturers from London and other cities try to hide the fact of the presence of harmful components, although in the product they indicate the main inclusions in small letters. In addition to the above basic surfactants can be used their derivatives, which bring a little less harm.

How to distinguish and what to buy.

Sulfate shampoos always cost less than a "healthy" product line. Of the normal components can be called extract from coconut glucose Lauryl Glycocide (Lauryl Glucoside), a byproduct of coconut oil Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate), a component of a mixture of coconut oil and starch Decyl Glycocide (Decyl Glucoside). About some useful additives in shampoos will tell you more.

  • Coco Glucoside increases the splendor of the hair, soothes the scalp after cleaning.
  • Lauryl Glucoside gently copes with dirt, makes the skin clean and tender.
  • Kokamidopropilbetain carefully removes dust residues from the hair, harmful oily impurities that fall on the head from the air.
  • Behentrimonium Methosulfate it has a conditioning effect, make hair and combing the strands.

In the salon of Ivanna Farysei you can get professional advice on the selection of the right shampoos and buy the necessary products for your hair type.

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