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Photo Vitamins for hair

The hair of each of us is already an inanimate part of the vegetable cover of the head, which has lost its connection with the maternal bulb. Root nutrition through blood vessels and sebaceous glands occurs during the origin of the hair, and when it is already formed, it receives a keratin rod. From this point on, the power stops, and the beauty of the hair can be maintained only by external methods of care.

This can be compared to the growth of the tooth: while they are formed in the gum, they get everything they need for their strength and beauty. In the future, you will not affect the condition of the teeth to improve the initial characteristics. It remains only to monitor the cleanliness of the oral cavity after eating, reducing the number of harmful factors that adversely affect the integrity and beauty of the dentition.

Qualitatively passing processes in the hair follicles will give the basis for the emergence and development of strong hair, which later turns into a beautiful natural decoration of each person. To preserve this, the cosmetic industry creates a variety of products, moisturizing, nourishing, protective products that are selected depending on the type of hair.

Residents of London and other cities are particularly susceptible to harmful environmental effects, so they especially have to monitor the quality of food and mandatory intake of vitamin-containing drugs.

What vitamins are required.

1. Retinol is responsible for the strength and regeneration of strands. A sufficient amount of vitamin A eliminates abundant hair loss. A lot of it is available in products of dairy origin.

2. Vitamin B2 creates conditions for good blood circulation and timely delivery of nutrients to the root zone. Found in milk, meat, offal, baking.

3. Vitamin B3 gives hair elasticity and strength. It has a positive effect on hair hydration and internal nutrition. Available in yeast, meat, whole grains, peanuts, fish.

4. Panthenol affects the quality of the natural coloring pigment, nourishes the roots, accelerates growth. It can be found in plant products (fruits, vegetables, rye, wheat, wheat, seeds).

5. Vitamin B6 provides protective function and resistance to hair diseases. It is found in the meat of birds and animals, eggs, soybeans, nuts, cabbage, potatoes.

6. Vitamin B8 found in Hercules, beans, peas, carrots, oranges, lemons, nuts reduces the amount of regularly lost hair. Per day they are lost up to 100 pieces.

7. Folic acid is responsible for the complete passage of oxidation and recovery reactions in the scalp. Vitamin B9 strengthens the roots, helps hair growth. It is found in mushrooms, meat, fish, citrus fruits.

8. Vitamin B10 also contributes to the appearance of beautiful hair. It can be found in different products: dairy, meat, beans, potatoes, rice.

9. Vitamin B12 gives hair smoothness and uniform Shine throughout its length. It is easy to find it: in meat, dairy assortment, fish, meat of hands, ducks, turkeys.

10. Ascorbic acid helps to organize sufficient nutrition of the follicles, has a positive effect on the circulatory system of the scalp, improves hair density. Available in rose hips, lemons, oranges, pomegranates, greens, a number of fruits and vegetables.

11. Tocopherol improves the work of skin cells, the bulbous part of the hair. Prevents cross-section and hair loss, restores Shine. Available in vegetable oils, tomatoes, greens, legumes, rose hips.

12. Vitamin F. is Involved in the work of cell renewal, healing after injury to the skin, saves the moisture obtained by cells, protects from sunlight and wind. Available only in vegetable oils.

13. Vitamin PP nourishes the root of the hair, reduces the percentage of their daily loss, pushes the appearance of gray hair. Available in onions, garlic, zucchini, eggplant, potatoes, carrots, Buryak.

On its website, is a professional hair stylist Ivanna Farysei divided important and verified information about the health of the hair, it is safe elongation, trends hair style.

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