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Photo A dozen foreign hairdressers

1. Rebecca Taylor.

Color extreme, new, magical image, colors that are impressive – that's all Rebecca Taylor. Ready-made images can not be called boring, as it is a true artist to create a harmonious creativity. It does not get bored even in the rainy autumn, when the weather outside the window "pleases" rain and strong winds.

2. Sarah Potempa.

She loves to invent different styling options, it is very famous in the world of celebrity and are ready to share secrets concerning the excellent hairstyles for any occasion. She was a stylist at the Victoria Secrets show, working on the images of Margot Robbie, Emily blunt and Hayley Steinfeld. On my channel is divided into chips, how to create funky curls or braid chic «Kolosok».

3. Sam McKnight.

Sam is a high-flying bird. It was he who developed the world-famous hairstyle lady Dee. Gladly works with lady Gaga and Kate moss, preferring aristocratic styling disheveled and grunge. His hands belongs to the exaction a "check mark" shaggy "cascade", voluminous bouffant, aligning hair closer to the roots and leaving wavy curls below. Even asymmetrical braids that look careless, "caught on" a few years ago.

4. Serge Normant.

Serge Norman relies on air, the lush beauty of the hair. His services are used by Naomi Campbell, Meghan Markle, Katy Perry. The master likes to develop hairstyles not only for young girls, but also for Mature ladies, breaking the tradition of cutting them short. The main thing – to make your hair clean and healthy with the rest of Serzh cope "perfectly well".

5. Nikki Lee.

In practice, she knew the full depth of the technology and the beauty of fashionable coloring. Selena Gomez only trusts her experienced stylists are trying to get training for this consummate professional "game on the hair of light and shadow".

6. Ken Paves.

Interesting ideas for short hair can be estimated on the example of Victoria Beckham. Ken likes to transform the appearance of women who are "slightly over 40". Ladies are transformed before our eyes due to invisible tricks in the created hairstyles.

7. Jen Atkin.

Wave glossy attracted from the first second. Penelope Cruz, Bella Hadid, Kaya Gerber will not trade their hair stylist for another " star." She knows how to perfectly increase hair, choose the best tone for strands, turn an ordinary hairstyle into a chic frame of the head. More than 2 million followers on Instagram daily waiting for her new ideas.

8. Adir Abergel.

Adir the Abergele preference for "naturalness", created by skilled hands. Beach hairstyles with styling instantly became hits fashion. Remember Sandra Bullock: they never "hung out" on the red carpet because of the hairstyle.

9. Chris McMillian.

His hands felt the hair of Jennifer aniston. Cascading hairstyle in "Friends" inspires girls to be like their views of Rachel. Chris is inspired by famous people of the last century.

10. Sally Hershberger.

Her motto in the world of hairstyles – beauty, breathing sexuality. Meg Ryan is grateful to the stylist for his image in the films "Dope of love" and "City of angels". Milled haircut with grading called "Sally's hair" remembered more than one generation of viewers. Chip masters – dry hair and use razor for the calibration.

You can tell a lot about successful stylists, soared to the Olympus of hairdressing. Do not miss the current news, often visit the website of Ivanna Farysei.

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