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Photo sewing on hair

Kevin Murphy (Kevin Murphy) is a stylist, inventor (more than 120 patents for cosmetic products), a virtuoso hairdresser. He was the chief designer of hairstyles on television, fashion shows, created the eponymous brand of a professional hair care line. He collaborated with fashion magazines and world-famous photographers, personally observing the shortcomings and features of the tools used for hair.

And here it is, insight.

Once the master had an idea how to make the hair held without weighting metal and plastic clamps. Bobby pins, hairpins, clips only at first well-recorded laid strands, but gradually slipped in the silky hair. I had to consolidate all of the construction on the head when the tilt, the rotation, the movement of the body hair has not changed the initial position.

Kevin Murphy decided there was nothing more reliable than a sewing seam. Therefore, a special needle was developed to eliminate damage to the scalp. Hair varnish after fixing immediately sewn into the hair, forming a light, romantic negligence. Such a hair structure could hold a day or two, until the Barber scissors did not cut the stitches.

Set Sewing Kit has threads of 3 colors, well suited for the hair of blondes, brown-haired women and brunettes.

Technology feature.

1. The plastic needle can be straight or semicircular. It has a wide eyelet to easily thread bamboo thread (sometimes made from plastic raw materials). The surface of the thread is rough to increase the area of adhesion to the hair. With the help of a significant strength of the bonded material, it holds heavy curls and strands of medium density.

2. The use of hair sewing technology began in London about 4 years ago. With the help of simple hairdressing devices it is possible to arrange a low beam near the neck, make a tail at the bottom, build a more complex knot closer to the back of the head.

3. The hair is not zalamyvayutsya on bends, fully retain their natural condition except for slight waviness imparted to the hair.

4. There is no place for smooth lines and prinesennoy: emphasis is placed on inviting carelessness, as if the girl just got out of bed, slightly daggered hair and fascinates stray from quickly formed hairstyles thin strands.

Hairstyle created by sewing hair, does not cause discomfort and heaviness on the head. Charm usefulness: gently removing the hair strands, you will receive a new hairstyle. Fixation will provide a small curly hair to soft waves distributed on the back. This approach is convenient when you want to look a little different during the day.

Ivanna Farysei knows many secrets concerning hair extensions, hairstyles and hair care. Turning to her, you can always get valuable advice and learn important information about hair care.

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