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Photo Effects of chemotherapy

Despite the difficult circumstances of life, most women tend to remain attractive always. Hair loss is painful not only physically but also psychologically, so you should think in advance how to adequately get out of this situation.

Tips for women who have been prescribed chemotherapy.

In some cases, the hair remains on the head. However, if you suffered a complete loss of them – do not despair. Remember: the hair will grow back and may even become thicker than it was. But at this time you need to take care of your inner comfort and the formation of psychological balance.

1. The most creative and independent of the opinions of other people shave their heads bald and do not complex about it, going out on the street with an open crown. Yes, a little unusual, but it is an opportunity to "try on" an unusual hairstyle and understand who really can be called your friend or girlfriend.

2. Silk scarves will become a lifesaver. They can be tied in a Muslim way, worn as a turban. There are special forums and other resources where people share the many possibilities of tying headscarves. Residents of London and other cities without hesitation share their own experience, helping beginners feel confident. Choose a suitable scheme for yourself and be patient in learning the intricacies of the process.

3. Hats of different styles made of natural, breathable materials. Wearing a cotton hat in the summer is possible and necessary: it will protect your head from the strong sun and give you the opportunity to stand out from others. For the winter period, the products are offered on a wool basis, so you will be provided with a warm headdress.

4. Wearing a wig.

  • If you think that the usual product looks very unnatural, note the mono-product, which had the insert with simulated hair growth.
  • Those who have excessive sweating of the scalp offers lightweight products kanekalon (made from seaweed). They are made by hand, and are attached to a thin but strong grid. Unlike conventional wigs are selected exactly the size of the head.
  • People gravitating towards natural products, we recommend that wigs produced from European hair. They are more expensive, but look so good that can not be distinguished from the native hair.

For the head, which is shaved "under a zero", sew wigs with adhesive backing, latched on his head. If the hair has grown a little, use a wig, represented by a cap with clamps. Do not worry that the head is accidentally exposed and others will see your temporary disadvantage. In such wigs people do sports, visit gyms, swimming pool, ride horses, travel around the world, etc.. If desired, the wig is painted in any color, curled, highlighted or "adjusted" to a fashionable hairstyle.

As you have seen, you do not need to become a recluse after chemotherapy. The worst is over, and the temporary period of hair regrowth will be able to effectively disguise for their own peace of mind. Fashionable and beautiful you will remain at any stage of life.

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