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Photo Artistic canvas

If the artist to create a masterpiece requires a prepared canvas, then Mies Gough without a shadow of hesitation uses the heads of his clients. And so successfully that even in the first year of creative work the news about it spread throughout America, and the queue of those wishing to get an unusual color combination of strands in her hair painted for months ahead. In the portfolio of the stylist is about 200 works, on each of which had to work for hours. And even the fact that Ursula uses unusual colors for human hair, which need to be updated once a month or two, does not stop shocking those who want to provide their head for another creative project.

What is the exclusivity of works.

1. Inexhaustible inspiration.

Imagine, the stylist does not even think about what will be the next basis for her hairdressing work. It happens that the clients themselves bring her photoreproductions and ask to create something amazing on their heads. In other cases, the hairdresser is guided by the ideas visited by the head.

2. Positivity playback.

Hairstyles will not see the dreary Gothic tones of sorrow and anguish. Each "hair" canvas is permeated with sparks of optimism, natural beauty, charming the imagination of color. We immediately see that the author of the hairstyles life and optimism – her constant companion in life.

3. Best advertising - "word of mouth" and Instagram.

Ursula energetically promoting their work, do not spin the brand by all the canons marketing. She posts photos of her compositions on the Instagram network, and surprised visitors and satisfied customers voluntarily carry out viral advertising. Thousands of users of social networks are ready to become subscribers and customers of MIS Gof and without fear to entrust their heads to the implementation of new ideas.

Surely many readers from Great Britain will think: "We would such a specialist in Londn – would go to any city, just to get an unusual hairstyle." And it's true: the American stylist has something to be proud of. We publish some of her works. We believe that you will get great aesthetic satisfaction from the brilliant works of Ursula Gough.

Small picture-the hair gallery.

1. The main colors used by the artist in the canvas are beautifully applied to the hair.

2. Masterly possession of color combinations makes hairstyle artistically expressive.

3. Do you want to add color to the reality of life? Please!

4. Spectacular Kolosok! Or maybe it is-a fan of some sports club?

5. It is impossible to get used to the unusual.

6. Every day is a rainbow in her hair.

7. Vegetable masterpiece, embodied in reality.

Just imagine what a serious work, and how talented must be an expert not only to reproduce the shades with famous paintings of Lichtenstein, Picasso, van Gogh, Urjala, but also to create on movable hair pieces of art! A magnificent natural gift gave the hairdresser-stylist universal recognition, but did not change her human qualities and love for people.

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