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Photo hairdressing accessories

Professional tools give the ability to implement stylistic ideas without the distraction of the mind at work.

It's definitely a hair market: accessories and tools.

1. Handmade bracelet.

The design is made on a strap with Velcro, so it easily adapts to a wide and narrow hand. The basis of the product is a magnet used to hold barrettes used to create hairstyles or in the process of hair coloring.

2. Clip-key.

It makes it possible to extract the contents of the tube as much as possible. The clamp is placed on the package with the coloring component and stretched towards the place of exit of the paint.

3. Anticoagula glove.

If you put it on your hand, you can safely use the heated tools without fear of injury to the skin. It is made in such a way as to protect the first 3 fingers on the hand. The strap will securely attach the product to your wrist.

4. Stands for tools included in the current.

If you are using a device that is heated, sometimes you need to put it on time with your hands. And how to do it? Easily, using the stand on which the tool will be placed. Mounting on the suction cups will eliminate the sliding of the stand on the table.

5. Mat for heated appliances.

If you do not like the stand, purchase a Mat. Heat-resistant silicone base can withstand temperatures up to 230C without destruction, so on the substrate you can place Curling irons, Styler, Curling irons, electric iron.

6. Mixer with a temporary sensor.

Electric mixer for the manufacture of complex hair dyes will help to quickly create the desired composition, without inhaling volatile odors from the components. The timer will help you choose the right time to create a hairdressing mix.

7. Clippers that automatically adjust to the characteristics of the hair.

For thick hair, the tool without human intervention will choose the mode of increased power to eliminate the locking of shearing knives. With continuous inclusion function operates cooling, eliminating overheating of the motor. The machine quickly and economically recharged with energy resource at standard conditions of work. Hairdressers in London praised the news, noting good performance when working.

8. Curling irons with self-control power.

The devices are able to independently adjust the power level by adding it when the desired temperature is reached. Electronic control of parameters excludes the output of an instrument failure, and tourmaline shell plates eliminates the occurrence of burns.

9. Comfortable with working tongs.

A curling iron curls are offered hairdressing tongs capable of handling thermal process indicator in a wide range of temperatures. They quickly heat up and are almost instantly ready for operation. When falling, they are not damaged, do not corrode in moist air.

10. Long used Hairdryers.

Working life increased to 10,000 active hours of use, shock-resistant tool has a ceramic grid.

11. Curling irons.

Classic, spiral, conical, for volume near the roots, double and triple tools are able to make spherical curls, waves, unusual hairstyles with modern styling.

Technical models develop Mark Shmidt, Hipertin, Oster, Hercules and others.

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