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Photo wash hair extensions

So you are in a new way. It remains to remember how to wash shampoo hair extensions? Recommendations master on buildup better burn.

What happens if everything stays the same.

  • Detergent or balm with the addition of wax, fatty plant components can not only slightly shift the place of fixation, but also destroy the composition for bonding. Capsules will also have a negative impact.
  • Thick shampoo will wash badly from the joints, because it is forbidden to RUB the strands. After drying, it can dry out this area and lead to dandruff.
  • Products for washing with the addition of basal volume will stimulate the formation of tangled tangles.
  • 2-in-1 combination products (shampoo plus conditioner). They often add silicone, which is harmful to hair extensions.
  • Fast drying of hair, performed a sharp wiping strands on a towel, fraught with disruption of tapes and partial damage to the capsules. As an option – pulling the donor material from bonding with the native hair.

How dry shampoo works on strands?

The product is made in loose, fine-grained form, it should be carefully rubbed into the hair, which is unacceptable with increased strands. It is also unknown how the active components of the composition will react to the encapsulating keratin or adhesive. After applying the powder you need to comb – but this is not adapted to special combs used for combing the donor material, which can be moved only in the direction of growth of hair. Therefore, you still need to listen to the recommendations of a specialist and do not spare money for special care products.

What do hairdressers advise London to wash hair?

Best of all, our hair perceive means acid-base index 7pH ≥ 4,5. The donor material, although attached to the growing strands, does not receive any useful substances from them, so a neutral environment ensures the preservation of the composition for building. Own strands are also not useful drying, which spoils the appearance of the hair.

The liquid product is more easily whipped into a foam and distributed over the head, it is washed out faster with water supplied from the shower.

1. Do not forget that the first wash after the building is done in 3-4 days.

2. Blot excess moisture with a towel, leave the hair in a loose state.

3. To dry the strands extended by extension method it is necessary outdoors in natural conditions or a hair dryer with application of a cold stream.

4. The use of irons and Curling irons is possible on the bottom of the hair.

5. The correct comb will eliminate the tearing of hair when combing and additional entanglement on the balls.

The dream to turn your own hair into luxurious hair by joining donor strands is able to fulfill Ivanna Farysei, who has her own hair salon in London. With considerable experience in this area, she will always recommend the right way to build and personally make it a reality.

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