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Photo haircut before the hair extension

Before using donor material own hair should be prepared – this will be discussed below. Is it possible to do a haircut before the hair extension procedure? I would like to know why to do this, when after the completion of the lengthening process there is a length correction. And now - everything in order.

Where to start?

Metropolitan fashionistas and ladies who are accustomed to receive hairdressing services at a professional level, we recommend to contact a specialist from London Ivanna Farysei.

Consultation-the first thing faced by the client, while in the Barber's chair. She tells how long she would like to get the hair, chooses what is suitable from the proposed donor hair, interested in technology extensions.

When all the main points have been discussed, the washing of the head begins. Master twice thoroughly cleans the hair with deep cleaning to eliminate the remnants of chemicals used previously. This includes silicone, fat from moisturizing products and other residues that remained on the surface of his own hair. It is necessary that the hair had a completely clean surface. This is important for adhesion to the adhesive composition and the creation of keratin capsules at the junction of their own curls and donor counterpart.

Now, when the hair is completely prepared, you can answer the question: do we need pre-cut ends, trim tiers. You do not need it, because after cutting the edges of the hair are smooth, and when combined with the donor material will be too emerges clearly the boundary between private and donor strands. Therefore, the natural position of the hair is left.

Hair extensions that now?

After the build-up adjustment provides better visual characteristics of the hairstyle. It's called personalization. The essence is to create a smooth transition without emphasis from their hair to donor. This is done with the consent of those customers who want to have a flat line at the bottom of the completion of the hairstyle, and not the tips of different lengths in the strands prepared for the build-up. Clearly designed contour immediately catches the eye, which indicates the accuracy of the hair.

Master of hairdressing Ivanna Farysei professionally performs hair extensions using microcapsules and teaches its customers how to preserve the excellent condition of the hair for a long time.

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