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Is it possible to increase the bangs

Even for such a small element of hair, like bangs, have to worry. Determined ladies do not think about whether it is fashionable to increase the bangs, and come to the salon and do it. But hypochondriac ladies begin to torment themselves with questions: to do or not to do, increased bangs or artificial? If you do not want to cut part of your hair, it is better to choose the extension. "Why?"you will think. "It's easier to fix a fringe chignon and not fool yourself." So do, but you can not exclude the potential trouble associated with a strong wind, the desire of a friend or a young man in a joke slightly pull your hair. That's embarrassing, right?

Finally decide.

Decide why you need bangs.

  • Haircut, which leaves much to be desired, can touch and bangs. If it was cut short and completely unsightly, you need to think about the" temporary cover " hair extensions.
  • If" perederzhali " paint or composition for Perm, then needed received a good once "chemical strike", instantaneously turning in lifeless and perepalennye parts of haircut.
  • Someone wants to make the asymmetry of the forehead, to make hair colored, tinted accents, or just add the same hide-and-seek to mimic the increased density of hair.
  • To cover the site of regrowth of her bangs, which still stands a short, protruding pieces.
  • Thick bangs requires considerable sacrifices, expressed in trimming a significant part of the hair from the parietal zone. If its hair is not characterized by significant density, it will immediately affect the volume of the remaining hair.

Options build bangs in London.

Own hair in's front parts of heads must be not in short 10-15 see Minimal the size of the, with which agree work hairdressers-6 see.

1. Tape extension.

It is performed by gluing ribbons with donor material under the top layer of your own hair. This method is chosen for the classic extension, and in most cases, and especially often if you want to make a change of tones in the strands. Tape fragments are easily separated and re-glued.

2. Encapsulated build-up.

Italian technology Micronesian with the help of tiny capsules is pretty time consuming, but ensures excellent results you get a thick, uniform bangs. After a couple of months, as with long hair, you need to perform a correction. Protein capsules are completely invisible among their own hair and touch absolutely not palpable.

Style bangs choose your own. You can make it smooth towards the eyebrows, start with the middle of the forehead diagonally, to make a completely asymmetrical. The main thing-that you feel with the increased strands naturally and did not try to correct regularly appeared in a hairdress hair.

Despite the fact that the bangs takes a small amount of head, proper care of it will provide a long wearing. Otherwise, you will have to visit the salon before the appointed time.

If you are looking for a proven and qualified master in the capital, please contact Ivanna Farysei. You will not be disappointed in the skill and certainly offer hairdressing with her best friends.

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