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Photo donor hair

Those who are used to any case to understand thoroughly, probably want to understand: why the structure of donor hair should match the structure of the native? This partly comes out of a logical assumption, but I want to make sure that the decision is correct.

Types of donor material.

There are 3 variants of strands.

а) Slavic. Exactly combed, having the same orientation of the cuticles. Hair is soft, elastic, unpainted, can have a smooth or wavy structure. Silky they have a natural, natural Shine.

b) European. Larger, they are suitable for medium and thick strands of their own. Good to wear, do not cause anxiety after the build-up.

c) Asian. Collected at random (cuticles directed in different directions), they are cheaper in cost. The material is often confused, belongs to the category of low-grade and is not recommended for European women.

In London salons with a good reputation there is a sufficient amount of donor material that is suitable in thickness, color and texture.

The exact shade is difficult to find, especially when the native hair is intertwined 2-3 similar tones. Then the closest choice is made and the attached strands are highlighted.

An important factor in building – matching structures.

That will, if to spoken native strands attach other not appropriate on structure?

1. Different thickness.

The main factor of the quality of work is the visual correspondence of the donor material to the original one. Attaching to thin hair thicker or Vice versa, you will get a clear dissonance, which will be immediately visible. Why then at all fulfill buildup? What will be the table or chair, which has different thicknesses of legs. Will you buy one of these? But from the appearance depends on the perception you other people. And this is not only communication with friends, but also career growth, desired acquaintance with the opposite sex. D a and own confidence in its irresistibility significantly will be shaken, turning in insularity from-for ridicule and desire to wanting to remain in alone.

2. Hair compatibility with different surface character.

What will happen if the doll with wavy curls add even hair or do the opposite? It would look ridiculous. Similarly, you will look like. Compatible only similar. If you want to get hair of the opposite texture, then choose a hair straightening or Vice versa-the creation of curls. But such strands should be all over the head, not in any part of it.

3. The formation of the hair.

Imagine your own agony when you manipulate a comb with a strand of straight and curly hair. What it will become in a short time in the place of fixation? Or the second option: the hair is connected vertically with a soft. It is better not to conduct such experiments to eliminate problems with tangling, creating hairstyles and even simple combing.

And another advice. It is possible to carry out extension more than 60 cm, however it causes a number of inconveniences, especially at working women who should pay a lot of time to hair care. Those who can afford not to work, lengthen the hair to any length, up to 70 cm.the Number of strands is determined by the size of the capsules (tapes) and the density of their own hair.

Ivanna Farysei does build-up according to the rules of hairdressing. She has regular customers, but does not refuse to help and new lovers of a beautiful image. Ask for the service at the contacts listed on the site.

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