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Photo in favor of hair extensions

If you dream of being instantly transformed, at night you dream of silk and fluffy strands to the waist, look with envy at those who are not tempted by the trends of the time, then it's time to think about the decision. List 10 "Yes" in favor of hair extensions.

Want chic hair and get.

1. Those to whom nature was not quite favorable, giving the hair a small density, you will want to feel like a Queen.

2. The deadline for the fulfillment of your dreams – an average of 4 hours, which is incomparable with 3-5 years spent on their growing. Choose any way to increase the length of the strands.

3. Hair to the waist will allow you to regularly experiment with hairstyles, stabbing strands and dissolving, twisting the curls and leaving them in a straight state.

4. Girls of small stature long hair visually " add " harmony. Babies on heels with a special length of hair appear to men as weak beings for whom one wants to be strong and gallant.

5. A wedding in London is a wonderful occasion to instantly transform if you are expecting your own wedding, a cool party or an important diplomatic reception.

6. The selection of donor material is done so carefully that the new strands do not differ from their own. If desired, an identical color material is selected, it is allowed to attach curls that create the effect of highlighting, coloring.

7. Will look younger, due to compliments added confidence in his appearance. Waking up in the morning will be more joyful, a constant smile will provoke positive changes in the body. And soon you will begin to glow with happiness, attracting the attention not only of friends, but also of the opposite sex.

8. If you are a public person engaged in politics, business, fashion shows, you need to always be well-groomed and beautiful. The mask will quickly refresh the face, and with a hairstyle not always everything turns out quickly and well. Hair extensions, which are given proper care, will perfectly cope with the task.

9. Are you looking for an interesting and high-paying job? Under the dress code, you can adjust, but what to do when the head is short hair? Hair extensions will help not to miss a lucky chance and come to the interview, having fulfilled all the conditions for applicants for the vacancy.

10. Dreaming to marry a foreigner, know: in some countries, long hair is a confirmation of health, fertility and efficiency of women. Therefore, foreigners pass by the ladies with "hedgehogs", beans, quads, looking first of all for owners of long hair, and then assessing the rest of their data.

Imagine how long it will take you to lengthen your hair by 50-80 cm? There are women whose hair grows only to a certain length. There are those who are disappointed with the natural density and significant thinness of hair.

Build-up will help in any of these situations. Contact the salon of Ivanna Farysei. Master with a rich practice and in-depth knowledge in the field of hairdressing uses an individual approach in working with clients. Sign up for hair extensions here.

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