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Photo Dandruff and seborrhea

Renewal occurs regularly: for 28 days, young cells replace obsolete analogues, which peel off very small, almost invisible pieces. One day you noticed on the shoulders of white "flakes" and was horrified, what is it? Two options: dandruff and seborrhea. What is the difference?


Small scales of white or yellowish hue can fall off the hair or stick to them. In the first case, there is dry dandruff, and in the second – fat, held by greasy grease.

Peeling with possible itching often manifests itself in the occipital part of the head. The reasons may be:

  • incorrectly selected shampoo, which strongly dries the root zone;
  • poor nutrition or weak vitaminization of the body;
  • frequent use of a hair dryer: from regular drying to daily styling;
  • regular manipulation of the hair, which includes staining, perming, bleaching strands;
  • living under constant stress and lack of sleep;
  • failure in the metabolic processes of the body.


Seborrhea is manifested as a result of disruption of the sebaceous glands. On the head, it is determined by the presence of larger "flakes". Excess fat on the hair glues small skin exfoliation, forming a denser accumulation.

People suffering from seborrhea, hair always looks messy. The causes of seborrhea are regular nervous stress, genetic heredity, the appearance of the fungus Pityrosporum ovale.

My head doesn't just itch. There is an unpleasant burning sensation, red spots are formed, and the skin after combing quickly swells. Bleeding areas are covered with a crust, seemingly healing. But when the wounds get infected, they fester and hurt.

Seborrhea is incorrectly classified as a temporary painful condition of the skin. When the disease changes the composition of sebum, which loses its bactericidal properties, providing an opportunity to develop pustular lesions on the scalp, seborrheic dermatitis.

The beginning of seborrhea can be the appearance of abundant dandruff. The disease with increased fat content of hair is characteristic of adolescents of the puberty period because of the active period of adulthood. Dry seborrhea is determined by a small release of the sebaceous component, as a result of which the skin does not receive natural lubrication. Mixed seborrhea is represented simultaneously by areas with abundant and weakened sebum.

Many believe that it is worth buying a shampoo with an antiperspirant component, and the problem will go away without a trace. In fact, you will only get used to certain compounds, without which you can not do. First, you need to identify the cause of the appearance of white scales, and then begin to find a solution. A Metropolitan trichologist will help residents of London in diagnosis and treatment. He will prescribe complex treatment, prescribe the necessary vitamins, adjust the diet.

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