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Photo Hair extensions

About 100-200 years ago, many English girls could boast of a magnificent hairstyle, luxurious braids. They rinsed their hair with rainwater, the air was clean, and the products were not contaminated with chemical additives. Today, for many it becomes a problem to have a healthy, thick hair, even if it is taken care of with the help of a line of cosmetic products. A list called "can't" will show what to avoid by getting the hair of your dreams.

Visiting the salon in London, sacrificing in favor of beauty 3-5 hours of free time, the fairer sex get wonderful strands and curls, increased to the desired length. They can be freely placed on the shoulders, be braided, formed into a different hairstyle. And always the head with proper care for hair extensions will look amazing. But there is a list of certain prohibitions that must be taken into account. Otherwise, the money for lengthening donor strands will be wasted, and their appearance will cause the hostess only disappointment.

The list of "can't" that should be listened to.

Who would waste money.

1. Normal results will not work when your own hair is weakened and prone to loss. This can be from birth or cause chemotherapy, taking a large number of antibiotics.

2. The presence of dermatological diseases of the scalp, mechanical and thermal damage with the presence of wounds, scratches excludes the procedure of salon lengthening. The master won't even take the job.

3. Those who suffer from vegetative-vascular dystonia, it is undesirable to artificially lengthen the hair due to increased headaches from the severity of the added material.

4. Alopecia is a direct contraindication to the performance of services.

5. When the strands are almost completely affected by numerous chemical perms and stains. First, you need to cut off the "spoiled" strands and, if the length allows, start building up.

6. A lady in position needs to postpone the build-up until more favorable times.

Visual mismatch.

1. Having wavy or curly hair, you can not order for building straight strands. If you straighten your own curls, they still get caught in the rain, after washing will turn into waves and rings, and the smooth donor material will look unnatural.

2. Baby girls with low growth, ordering an extension of 60cm, will look like Barbie, as the hair will cover the fifth point. In addition, they will have to make sure not to sit on the hair.

After the build-up.

1. You need to comb your hair very carefully, using combs made of natural bristles. It is not allowed to have massage round balls on the brushes.

2. Shampoos should be used with no paraben components and not for dry hair.

3. When washing hair extensions it is forbidden to throw back forward: cleaning the strands is made in their natural location, without creases and tilts.

4. Removal of excess moisture is performed by wetting the plant cover of the head.

5. The head should not be washed before going to bed: the hair should be completely dried and braided in a light pigtail.

6. Visiting the pool, sauna, going on vacation to the sea coast, you need to buy a protective cap for hair.

7. Timely correction will eliminate the appearance of tangles and untidiness on the head.

If you still have questions, Ivanna Farysei, a high-level master, will provide a free consultation and determine whether it is possible to perform hair extensions in your case.

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