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Photo How to prepare hair for extension

If you want to get a good result, think about it:

  • how to prepare hair for extension;
  • what means to care for after the procedure.

You will learn about the second point from the master, and the first one must be performed independently.

Protect and strengthen hair.

1. If you are a real-life experimenter and like to change your appearance regularly, surprising others with a new color and texture of hair, stop this activity at least a couple of months (or earlier) before visiting the salon. Hair after frequent chemical manipulations lose their strength, natural Shine, natural moisture. Let the strands rest from stress and reach the recovery stage.

2. If you stay in the summer sun for a long time, wear a summer hat or take an umbrella with you. Hot rays reduce the natural moisture of the hair, weakening the roots.

3. When the hair is prone to loss, it is desirable to undergo a recovery course that will strengthen the roots. And mesotherapy will help in this, during which the necessary components are introduced into the follicle area.

4. For a particularly graded (stepped) hairstyle, you will need to perform a length-correcting haircut.

5. Those who want to change the color of the strands together with the build-up, it is better to do the coloring in advance. The master will select the donor hair to match the finished tone. Phytolamination will help to change the shade with a gentle method.

6. For 3-5 days before visiting the salon, stop using hair care products on a greasy basis.

7. Before the hair extension is degreased. At home, it is unlikely to do this qualitatively, since the salon has special tools that neutralize the surface of the hair.

Care after build-up.

Like normal hair, extensions need care.

  • Combing begins with the tips of the strands, performed with a brush of boar bristles.
  • Balms, mousses, masks are applied to the hair, excluding the ingress of funds on the capsules. Such tools often have a fat base, so they will make the hair slippery, and the capsules will start to slide down.
  • Washing hair is performed without circular movements and friction strands between the palms. Shampoo is carefully distributed over the entire length of the hair and washed off with a stream from the shower.
  • It is desirable to dry your hair naturally, and if you decide to use a hair dryer, then choose a cold (in summer) or slightly warm (in winter) blowing mode. The choice of hot air requires special care: if the flow gets on the keratin retainer, it will be destroyed.
  • Styling and Curling is not performed by every hairdressing tool: check the temperature regime and the admissibility of work with hair extensions.
  • Unlike silk bed linen, a satin pillowcase will reduce the appearance of nodules on the hair. To prevent their strong entanglement, it is recommended to braid 2 braids at night or make a tail (depending on who is more comfortable to sleep). In the morning it is necessary to comb the strands without haste, forming the desired hairstyle.

Why is such a gentle approach to "wearing" donor hair required? Increased strands are not fed from the hair follicles, and at the junctions it is impossible to achieve the natural degree of strength that is inherent in completely healthy hair. To build up was performed without defects and subsequent problems, contact in London to Ivanna Farysei.

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